Friday, February 24, 2012

Dusted off another oldie but goodie

So, last night I wanted to see how far I have come in step since I started going to the gym. I have mentioned before that I love the Reebok Step video. It's athletic moves based step routine - very basic steps, but very effective. I am not a dancy type girl and find that it just distracts me from getting in the zone. I have gone back to this video many times.

Well, the last time I did this tape was also way back in June. Back then I did it with no risers, just the step platform. And I did it with no propulsion (not that there's a lot of it in this video). At the step class I take at the gym, I always have one riser and I know soon I'll be able to use 2 risers. This is easier than the step class I take at the gym, so I wanted to see if I could do this workout with two risers.

Yep! I did it! My heart rate was up there and I was definitely working hard, but at the level I should be working. I did the propulsion too. And then, because I was still at 7500 steps for the day (and I wanted to get to 8000), I ran around the basement a bit to get to 8000. That gizmo is pushing me! (Of course, it didn't count the short bike ride I did earlier in the day).

I came upstairs and told my husband about my accomplishments. Yesterday with the strength training workout and last night with the step workout. Both things I am leaps ahead of where I was 8 months ago. Like miles ahead of where I was 8 months ago and even then I was light years ahead of where I was starting in January 2011. I am finally feeling like I am fit. Not that I can't get more fit, but that I can say and believe that I am a fit woman. I love that!

And when I was running around our basement last night to get my step count up (the room is close to square - about 25' by 27') that running around felt great. I love the free feeling movement of my body and I got to thinking that maybe I could run. I wasn't having bladder issues as I was running on the balls of my feet instead of striking with my heels. That holds my body differently, cushions the impact a bit. So, I thought, "what if I tried that outside?"

Of course, mother nature decided to throw a curve ball and the one possible thundershower afternoon today turned into a day of showers and wind advisories, so not today, but I am going to try it. I'm curious about what I can do!

Stats for 2/24/12:

Highest weight: 275  Now: 173.6
Total hours worked out in 2012: 40/250

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  1. I'm just thinking out loud here - but if you do a lot of running and walking on the balls of your feet, make sure you do some good calf stretching so you don't get those terrible leg cramps when you're lying in bed at night. I hate those.