Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Busy, fun weekend!

Well, I skipped two days for a couple reasons. One, I was uber busy and second, only if I post from my husband's computer will it format correctly. Since hubby was around all weekend, his computer was less accessible and when it was, I was pooped and ready for bed!

But I didn't fall off the wagon. I had a great weekend with my family. Sunday we had a family day after I taught in Virginia and then on Monday we went skiing and snowboarding. Well, I didn't ski or snowboard, but the rest did. I figured one novice for the weekend was enough. My little guy tried snowboarding and he was so thrilled. I watched his two hour lesson and then for a few hours I helped him down the side of the small slope (a place I could go without skis/board), so I got a workout too. And what a happy kid he was. I love it when we can be all active together. We are a happier family when we 'do' things together - especially active things. And it feels good that I could be as active as the rest of them unlike in the past.

So now it is back to reality. This morning I got everything put away, did some dishes, etc. Reality of life is back. Even the little guy didn't want to go back to school. He had fun! Last week he had half days Wed, Thursday and then had Friday - Monday off. School? What school? Though it did make it harder to fit in my usual activities with so much schedule changes, but I was active enough - fitting it in here and there.

Scale is up with hormone weight and eating sauerkraut (high in sodium) several days, but I know it will come down.

Stats for 2/20/12:

Highest weight: 275 Now: 176.0
Total hours worked out in 2012: 37.5/250

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