Monday, February 13, 2012

Life got busy but my new gizmo kept track!

This past week has been quite a week. First, I got a head cold. It first started with me feeling very, very tired. Then I got a post nasal drip that deepened my voice by an octave. Then my energy came back, but then my nose turned into a faucet with it being the worst this morning. It's like pure salty water dripping from my nose every few seconds. It's been a very strange cold, but has zapped me on many levels. Even leveled my one son for a day with a fever and had my younger son all out of sorts for a week at school the week before.

So, first there was that. Then, in the beginning of the week my mother in law was coming home so you may remember I had a marathon cleaning session where I cleaned for over 10 hours in one day. Next day I worked some more.

I had one day of a reprieve where I got some sleep and then this weekend hit and it was a whirlwind weekend. It started Friday morning. I worked at home, cleaned up the kitchen and the headed to the grocery store where I spent over an hour.

Then I cam home and started cooking. I needed to make lunch next day for 20 - mostly teen boys, a couple teen girls and their mentors. I cooked up 18 pounds of pulled pork, a huge salad, 75 chocolate chip cookies, and made homemade rolls - 50 or so. On top of that, I had found for really cheap some bruised tomatoes, so I cooked up a huge pot of tomatoes to freeze to later use for spaghetti or chili. Then, of course, dinner needed to be made too.

Saturday I went to BodyPump, delivered the food, made lunch and then started on making 55 banana split cupcakes - making the banana cupcakes, the strawberry filling, the pineapple buttercream,  and the chocolate ganache. Fortunately, there was leftovers for dinner.

Sunday started bright and early as I needed to make 4 pounds of bacon for my contribution to the teens' breakfast for the robotics club my son goes to. Then it was off to teach Sunday School. I taught, went to Whole Foods to get our Sunday fish and then came home. Waiting for me were the mountains of baking dishes and as soon as those were done it was time to start making dinner.

I was just exhausted. My fitness gizmo (BodyMedia Fit Core) had to say this:

Friday: burned 2520 calories, Consumed 1600 calories. Sleep Duration: around 7 hours
Saturday: burned 2265 calories, Consumed 1800 calories. Sleep duration: a shade under 6 hours.
Sunday: burned 2125 calories, Consumed 2200 calories. Sleep duration: 5 hours and 30 minutes.

What I'm noticing, is that, when I was getting close to enough sleep, I made better food choices. By Sunday, I was eating way too much - even more than maintaining calories. Last night I got a good night's sleep (a full 8 hours) and I can tell I will have a good, on target day for food. We still have cupcakes in the house, but today I'm not tempted by them. I gave into the temptations yesterday  - when I was too tired.

So, the gizmo is helping me learn even more about what my triggers are. And it also helped me realize that yes, indeed, working around the house does burn a lot of calories. too. I did work out for an hour on Saturday, but I burned MORE calories on Friday when I was just working around the house and cooking. Running up and down stairs, and carrying things all around the house as well as rolling out dough and working with your hands does count.

OK, now off to do MORE dishes and make some bread and get some pizza dough going to make pizza for dinner. All the while keeping tissues at hand for my drippy nose.

Stats for 2/13/12:

Highest weight: 275  Now: 174.8
Total hours worked out in 2012: 31/250

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