Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Changing my focus of where the calorie burn is going to come from

For the next few weeks I'm going to go to a few classes at the gym, but I am going to start working on some big projects around the house. Now that I have my gizmo, I know how to watch the calorie burn too.

Today I will be running errands and will work out in the basement. I started my errands with going to the vampire for my thyroid check. I was really hoping it would go smoothly now that I'm thinner and it did, but still not without a hitch. My vein popped up - no problem there, but she still missed it and even she was shocked. She said, "How did I miss that? I'm so sorry!" But, she got it in the same vein on the second try. It didn't hurt either time because now that it pops up there is no digging around. That right there is a good enough reason to keep exercising - no more getting tortured at the phlebotomist's office! Yes, I was still stuck twice, but really no pain.

Anyway, I have a lot of projects to do in the house that I have been meaning to get to for like a year for some of them and a few months for others. I'm beginning to get spring fever even though it's still winter. The super mild winter isn't helping, but the longer days are making me come out of my winter hibernation mode. It's too early to be digging in the garden, but that's good. The interior of the house needs some attention.

First thing I need to do is to clean the steps, paint the trim on the steps and put down carpet treads. Then, I need to hang the bikes in the garage and clean out the garage of all the unnecessary stuff. We have quite a bit of stuff I can free cycle or sell. After that it will be the turn of the mudroom. I need to hang a cabinet in there, squeeze in some other storage, paint and reorganize. A lot of stuff needs to fit in that tiny little room. After that, I need to paint the hallways and entrance ways and all the trim on all the door frames. That is a lot, lot, lot of trim and doorframes. Then I need to reorganize the basement storage space as we have too much stuff out down there and more stuff we can get rid. Then, lastly, I want to go around the house, room by room and hang pictures and curtains. We are devoid of all things decorative in the house - only blinds up on the windows and not a single picture except in my mother in law's rooms. By the time I get all of that done, it will be time to move outside and plant and work on beautifying that space. That's quite a bit of stuff, huh?

I figure, I will still try to make 2 cardio classes a week and 2 strength training classes a week. That will keep me in the loop of things, but the bulk of my calorie burn for the next few weeks will be the house painting and reorganizing.

So first, running errands!

Stats for 2/28/12:

Highest weight: 275 Now 174.4

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  1. LOL I used to live in dread of having bloodwork done, because of getting stuck, but then I discovered a topical anesthetic called 024. I found it for fibromyalgia, but then thought--hey, I can use that on my arms about 30 min prior to getting blood drawn, and it works. Wash if off first, it smells really strong. Found your blog looking for ideas for exercising and diet.Looks like you are having an amazing success. I did well with low-carb 10 years ago, but it only worked once. I will finish your blog and see if you are doing interval or weights--what I think might help me.