Saturday, March 30, 2013

When a nap trumps a workout!

I've been running on fumes for days. My older son is part of a high school robotics club and they are having their regional competition this past Thursday, Friday and today, Saturday. He's had to be at school at 6:30 am each of these days. This is after a long week of early rising already.

I wear a little gizmo that tells me my sleep and its' been saying 5.5 hours, 5 hours, etc for the last 4 nights. That probably hasn't been helping my funk, huh?

So, this morning I got up at 6 am, packed up a day's worth of food for him while my husband roused him out of bed. I had breakfast, lounged around and was trying to get fully awake. It wasn't working. I was exhausted.

I excused myself to take a nap and decided that if I actually fell asleep at 8:30 and slept, then no workout at the gym (class started at 10:15). If I didn't fall asleep, then I would go to class. Well, I fairly quickly fell asleep and slept until 10 am. And even upon waking, I could tell I felt a ton better.

While I missed that workout, I'll have more energy today. I'll get all the things done today that I need to get done (and it's the day before Easter and I have a lot to do - make the eggs, dye the eggs, make the Easter cookies, make the Easter bread, cook the Easter ham, etc). It's also a lovely, sunny day (thank you mother nature!), so I can take a long walk today to burn some calories too.

I'm not a big nap taker. I maybe take a nap 2-3 times a year, but man oh man did I need it today.  In the end, it will probably mean that I burn a few less calories, but I'll probably ingest fewer too as I'll be able to make better food decisions without being so exhausted while surrounded by food! Hello? Resist cookie dough in a sleep deprived state? Like that would ever happen! I'm going to try the bubble gum trick today and see if it keeps me out of the dough! Wish me luck!

So, no formal workout, but it's all good. Sometimes you just need sleep. Ok, off to clean the dishes and prep the kitchen for the flurry of activity today!

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