Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Finding my new rhythm

I think I have found my temporary new workout schedule. I think. And it's temporary, because if you do anything too much without mixing it up, you get in a rut again. But for now, I think I've found a mostly good solution.

So, this will be my routine:

Mondays: Advanced Aeroboxing
Tuesdays: Spinning
Wednesdays: Zumba, Personal Training Session
Thursdays: BodyVive
Friday: Total Conditioning
Saturday: BodyStep
Sunday: rest day or flexibility stuff

I'll do that for a few weeks and see how it goes.  It's a mix of strength and cardio stuff - some intervals and straight cardio. A big mix of pretty much everything.

The boxing is a mix of cardio, strength, intervals
Spinning is cardio with intervals
Zumba is straight up cardio, personal training is straight on strength training.
BodyVive is light cardio and light toning
Total conditioning is strength training (I hope it's not a super easy class - I haven't taken it yet)
BodyStep is cardio with some interval work
And we all know what a rest day is, right?

After that, I'll look into getting TRX and perhaps doing different classes to keep the mix up of activities.  I'll be throwing in some gardening/landscaping too as spring really takes hold, but not to replace classes at the gym. And of course, walks around the lake can always happen as well as walking my son to and from school once or twice a day, depending on the weather and our schedule.

I'm extra motivated right now, so I might as well take advantage of that strong dedication!

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