Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Fingers crossed for making it a REAL snow day!

Snow has been rare in these parts. We had no snow last year. Like not a single flurry. This year so far we've had enough to kind of cover the ground three times. It taunts us, but it hasn't been enough to shovel or even make a snow ball with.

Today, the kids are off for a snow day and we woke up to a wee bit of snow on the ground, but all morning, so far, it's been a mix of snow and rain. Just in the last 15 minutes it's turned to more snowflakes than raindrops, but it would need to snow for days for it to really accumulate to much of anything at the rate it is falling.

This is what it looks like from the window of our upstairs family room looking out back:

It's a bit white, but it's not a winter wonderland. No one is cuing the "I'm dreaming of a White Christmas" song quite yet. Though for March 6th, that would be a bit late for that song anyhow.

So, to helpt things along a bit, I just put on my skiing woman shirt (and it now has a warm wool/fleece zip up sweater over top as I'm always cold). Maybe if I dress like I'm going to the slopes, it will snow more? This shirt is as close to skiing as I'll probably ever get! My younger son was quite pleased with my clothing choice though! And I really should learn to put on some make up and do my hair before snapping photos, but well... this is how I look - I don't usually get all gussied up for hanging out around the house and playing in the snow (or going to the gym).

Melissa - 183... pudgy around the middle!

I don't even mind cleaning up the snow. It's good exercise to shovel. I love functional exercise versus jumping around at the gym. So will you snow mother nature? Gosh darn it!!!

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