Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The good and the bad with Daylight Saving Time

The bad, of course, is that I'm waking up in the dark again. And, my body doesn't like it. It knows that it's 5:30 am, not 6:30 am. I'm thanking my lucky stars that I'm not exercising in the early morning as I certainly would have skipped the last three days because of the body confusion.

The positive side of it is that now we have more daylight hours where we need them - in the evening while we are awake! Of course, it's still throwing me for a loop a bit. Like, being shocked to see that it's nearly 6 pm and time for dinner when it feels/looks like 4:30 and I'm not even thinking about dinners yet.

The other positive is that my younger son is very in tune with the sun. That has meant that the last several weeks he's gotten up earlier and earlier, despite not needing to be up. On Saturday morning he was up at 6:15. Ugh!!! It does feel better psychologically to feel that it's 7:15 instead. He hasn't had any problems going to sleep earlier either. His eyes are glazing over as we read the story before going to bed. However, the rest of us? We're having a hard time winding down, despite the lack of sleep in the morning.

It seems the older I get (we get, as my husband I think is just as affected if not more) the harder it is to adjust to the time difference.

But.... it means more evening walks, warmer sun, spring time is coming and I'm itching to get outside.

We took a really nice walk on Sunday afternoon. My knee is paying for it the last couple days. That overuse injury in the tendon is NOT going away. I had no idea walking would aggravate it. Zumba doesn't and neither does the elliptical or most strength training. I guess I'll just need to tailor my workouts to avoid that tendon for awhile and if it doesn't get better on it's own, head back to the stinking physical therapist again. I was hoping to be forever done with that!!! Argh!

Now... to bed. I am trying to adjust to this super early, dark mornings yet.

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