Sunday, March 3, 2013

Ok, going forward from here.

The weight loss challenge is behind me, but the work is not done yet.  I have to keep at it and up it a bit in intensity.

My biggest issue is trying to find something to replace BodyPump.  I'm finding I'm just getting too injured and it is too much isolating muscle groups. I want to do more whole body work.  I'm thinking of doing perhaps TRX as a class or Pilates.  Alternatively, I could just go to the free weights room, but I just don't tend to do as well on my own. Lazy, I guess!

I did buy the new New Rules for Lifting Weights which give routines to do.  So, why can't I just make myself do it? If it had a phone app, I probably would.  Maybe it does.  Need to look. The phone app for TRX is appealing.

So, I was just looking at the schedule for the next few days at the gym, trying to figure out my new routine now that the twice a week personal training sessions are over.  It's up to me to keep going!

I did take a mini eating break yesterday. I ate more, but all low carb stuff. I just needed a day i wasn't a little hungry as i always am a little hungry. sticking with low carb stuff yesterday made it easier to eat normally today. That we nice!

Exercise tomorrow will help with lifting my mood too. This 4 day break is for the birds!

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