Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter foibles

Boy, so much for getting back to plan. With Easter and this yummy homemade Easter bread? Impossible!

I stayed up until 1 am getting things ready for today. As, for some reason, all things holidays or special events seems to be mom duty. All was going well. The bread was difficult as always, but I didn't burn it this year.  Pretty huh?  It's basically a yeasted cake. Mmmmm, yum!  And yes, I've eaten about a half of a loaf all by myself!

Then, the Egg hunt today. There was a good chance we would get rain, so I got up and out early to hide the eggs while my husband tried to keep the younger guy away from the window. Well, the little guy saw me out there, but then just wanted to go out and find them. He says, "the Easter bunny", but I think he knows it's me who hides the eggs and fills the baskets. I think in his mind that not saying it's me helps keep the magic alive (much like he wouldn't let us call cooked fish, fish, even though he knew it was fish. When we asked him if he wanted us to lie to him, he said "Yes.".)

So, we go out and that was fun. Here are a couple photos of that.

Oh, this last egg finding photo shows the remains of the snowbunny we made last Monday. My younger son named it Mr. Frosty Bunny. It was mostly melted by Tuesday, but here is it 6 days later, hiding an egg.  Since Mr. Frosty Bunny was our Easter snow man, makes sense to show him today. The only reason there's any hint of it remaining was that it was six and a half feet tall. Second picture is to show it next to my two boys. The taller one being 6'2" tall without shoes.

BUT... while we were getting read to go out, I was setting up breakfast. I got the Easter eggs out (we did natural dyes this year - red cabbage, red onion skins, yellow onion skins, blueberries, beets, and tumeric).

I got the ham sliced up on the fancy slicer and I arranged it on the plate. I made the coffee and I was just washing up strawberries when my husband and younger son came down all ready for the egg hunt. I just stopped what I was doing and went on out.

When we came back in, I saw on the table the ham covered up by paper towels. I asked my husband, "did you cover the ham? That was smart." He said no. Then I figured my mother-in-law must be up, so she must have done it. Just then she comes out of her bedroom and says, "Oh, Melissa. I didn't know where you were. I was calling and calling you. The cats were on the table eating the ham!"

Oh. My. God!!! So, we started a pot of water on the stove, got it boiling and then reboiled our sliced up ham, shriveling it up, but at least keeping it edible. Sigh... our cats aren't known to get on counters or tables, so I'm not used to worrying about it, but what cat WOULDN'T jump on a table for nice, fresh, sliced ham? Ugh. A foible indeed.

We laughed about it later and my mother-in-law said she'll never forget the sight ever. She said it's the best Easter ever.

Later, we had some misadventures with breakfast - strawberries and blueberries flying everywhere. My egg that was dyed in beets was pink to the yolk - that was funny.  And we aren't even halfway through the day! I still have a lamb to bake and cookies to bake with my younger son. I wonder if we'll have more stories to tell later on.

Older son slept till noon. He had been in an exhausting 3 day robotics tournament where he got very little sleep. So, we filled him in on all the doings when he woke up and ate lunch with him while he ate breakfast. We are about off to make Easter cookies using this kit (I'm trying to get away from using fake dyes, if you couldn't tell from using natural dyes on Easter eggs.)

And last, a picture of me and the littler guy on our walk yesterday.

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