Monday, March 18, 2013

Tried a new class and it wasn't so scary!

The title of the class scared me: Advanced Aero-boxing. Eek! Advanced? Where was the regular aero-boxing? There isn't one. There is a kickboxing class listed, but not another aeroboxing. Is this the harder version of Tae-Bo? Tae-Bo can be tough.

"Ah, maybe I should try Tae-Bo or Kickboxing on Tuesday or Wednesday instead." I tried to convince myself this morning of skipping it as I was thinking of getting ready for class. But, skipping this class would mean doing another step class which was already full or skipping today. Skipping today wasn't an option, so... off to Advanced Aero-boxing I went.

Once I got to the gym I started to get really nervous. I get to the class and I discovered it's in the big gym. Lots of women were already there (no men - interesting). And they have gloves on - not boxing gloves, not weight gloves, but later I discovered, they had martial arts gloves. They also had jump ropes. We're going to jump rope? Eeek! My bladder? Hmm... and then they had paddles. O.M.G. this is like for real! We aren't just stabbing in the air, we're hitting things!

Before class started the instructor asked if there were any new people in class. I was one of three. I know this instructor, but not as an instructor. I know him as a martial arts master and a personal trainer. The instructor is serious ripped. I mean SERIOUSLY ripped. Here's a video from the gym about his style and shows a bit of his "stuff".

So, Darrell shows us about jabs and upper cuts and roundhouse kicks, etc. Holy crap! What have I gotten myself into?

The warm up (was it a warm up? Felt more like jumping right in full steam) was mostly jump roping. I haven't jumped rope for pffft.... 29 years? And I haven't done a single jump rope for at least 33 years. Would I make a fool of myself? I was beginning to get really nervous. But, just like riding a bike, you don't forget how to jump rope. That, and I was able to do it fast, like the instructor. On one foot, on the other foot, alternating feet, both feet. Sure, I missed once in awhile, but so did most everyone else. And no bladder issues. Yay!  Now, the instructor started throwing some hard stuff out there (which no one could do). Like crossing your feet back and forth while jumping. Like this. I think it's more that I've never tried it and I didn't know how to break it down. My arms kept wanting to cross! Oops! But, this is one I should be able to do, so I will practice it so I can get it. Darn it!

I can't even find a video of jump rope stuff he ended with (which I think is mainly to show off - but that's OK - he's earned the right to show off)... OK, he would jump the rope in a full, deep squat position. I don't know how you can even begin to do that and I know I never will and never want to, but seriously tough to do!

Then we started with boxing moves. It's intense, but it's in partners, so you do stand around for a wee bit, enough time to recover. Then, between sets, you do things like burpees, push-ups, mountain climbers etc. All things I have done and can do. After the arm work, we did leg work, again in partners. Then near the end we went back to arm work, punching as fast and as hard as we can. Then to end the class we did some sprints. It was totally like exercises from middle school gym; run to the middle of the court, back to the end, then across the full court and then run all the way back and then punch, punch, punch, burpee, punch, punch, punch and then your partner goes. Repeat twice.

I ended the class tired, but pleasantly so. I was definitely not the fittest in class and definitely not the weakest. I was probably somewhere in the top third, which made me feel good. At the end of class the instructor came up to me and said, "You're a natural. You did really good. Can't believe you haven't done this class before." Wow... I know he's a positive instructor, but he didn't say anything to the other newbies, so maybe I wasn't too shabby.

And, it's a class I will work into the rotation. It was good. But, I will buy some of those gel gloves. I have a small blister on one knuckle and small cuts on three others. And, at the end of class, it was beginning to really sting.

Who knew I would like boxing? Huh... I felt a bit like I was training like Maggie in the movie Million Dollar Baby.  But don't worry. I have absolutely no desire to hit someone - ever. Boxing and physical fighting grosses me out. (And here's an irony. My mother in law loves boxing. Why? She loves fights, but also, she was a neurologist and part of her career was spent studying/researching what those hits did to a boxer's brain. She'll know what certain hits do. Creepy to think about killing your brain and damaging it! Ick!) I'll stick to hitting paddles - not humans!

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  1. I got exhausted just reading about that class! Great job you!