Thursday, March 28, 2013

Going to start C25K (again).

I've started C25K three times. I've never done more than the first week as I just couldn't find the motivation to run when I could do other exercise I enjoy more.

Oh... let me step back. There are some people who don't know what C25K is. It's short for Couch to Five Kilometers.  I've linked it before, but let me do it again:

While it says it's for a couch potato, I wouldn't recommend going from completely inactive and expecting to be able to run a 5k in 8-9 weeks. It is doable, but many people need to repeat weeks to get to the next step up in intensity. And, even if you think you are fit, running is different from other fitness.  It will still take some time.

There is also a treadmill version:  and some recommendations on speeds:

So, that's C25K. But why am I doing it now if I don't really enjoy running and I have bladder issues that make it even less enjoyable?

I have new motivation. One, I desperately want to take off this winter weight I gained so that I don't have to buy a size bigger clothes for summer! I need to find more high intensity exercises to burn more calories.

And two, I've mentioned on Facebook in a couple places that I'm thinking of running a 5K when I go back to Iowa for my high school reunion this summer. I figure what better opportunity is there to do something to prove that 25 years out of high school does not equal old and falling apart?

It gives me enough time to train for one and well, why not? I plan to start on Sunday. Then continue on Tuesday and Thursdays as part of my fitness rotation. I will start on the treadmill at the gym as the weather is still yucky and so that I can control the conditions a bit better.

We'll see how it goes though. If my bladder becomes an issue or that knee injury, then I'll have to scrap the idea and just keep mixing up other lower impact exercises.

Today I did a combo or cardio and toning. Friday I'll do cardio (and perhaps strength training if my shoulder is up for it) and then cardio on Saturday.

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