Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The scale was moving down.... and then it went up - HORMONES

The first two months spoiled me. I didn't have much of a LONG stretch of weight gain around ovulation and nothing around my monthly visitor. It was SO NICE. There was no guessing if maybe I was eating more than I thought I was or something like that.

This month, however, is looking eerily familiar to my past history during weight loss. I recognize the pattern quite clearly, but since it hasn't been my pattern as often, I do have some doubt. Like, is it water weight? Or is something else going on. Time will tell because if after ovulation I have a big whoosh, then I know.... if I don't, then I'm worried as I have been on plan and the scale has stopped and reversed.

So... a few days ago I got to within .2 of a pound to losing 30 pounds in 2.5 months. That is awesome! Then, next day when I stepped on the scale, the scale shot up 3 pounds. What? Well, I did eat more at maintenance that night, but I didn't overeat for sure. Next day, still up 2.5 pounds, then 2 pounds, today 2 pounds up again. How? Why? Hormones (I hope)? I want to get to 30 pounds lost for the month and the scale is playing games with me!!! Mean scale!

And, because of the bathroom scale going up, I've avoided the scale the records those weight gains. It's a mental thing... I'm keeping track, but I'm not 'recording" them because my brain doesn't deal well with unexplained up ticks. It's silly, but I want to see a nice steady downward trend on my chart, not all this zigzag water weight business. And I sure hope it's water weight.

Calendar wise I'm on day 10 of my monthly cycle and yes, that follows the old pattern of holding steady or slightly, slowly going up. Also means I have several more days of this (if I ovulate on day 14, which is also a big if with perimenopause). All I can do is keep doing what I'm doing and eat right and move right, right?

So, I'm not at 30 pounds lost "yet". I was close at 213.7, but now it's at 215.3. It will happen. I'm not self-imploding, but I'm not happy with the scale either. When you work hard and do everything right, you want to be rewarded!  Hopefully in a week, I'll get a HUGE reward which will keep me happy for a week or two until I run into hormone weight gain again and start the cycle of loathing, then loving the scale again.

Oh, and no, not weighing in does not work for me. When I don't see the scale, I tend to start eating more. Daily weighing keeps me more on task - even when it's not good. Actually, it helps more. Like last night after dinner I was really tempted to eat an ice cream bar, but then I thought, "Hmmm... that is an extra 160 calories which means even worse news for the scale."  So.... I didn't have it, but it was my breakfast this morning. Sometimes a gal just needs some ice cream!

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