Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Like I was possessed

So, yesterday was my teenage son's freshmen orientation at university and our parent orientation. We were up way late getting things all set for next day and then we all got up early as they had to leave the house at 7:15 to be there for check in at the dorms by 8:30 am. I would be joining them a bit later after my youngest was dropped off at school.

There was quite a bit of anxiety/stress the days leading up to it because there was a note about immunzation forms being due. We didn't have it and it could be difficult to get it in time. We were SUPPOSED to have it (as the HS said they would distribute them at graduation, but we didn't get ours). Anyway, so on top of figuring out if we really needed it (and it didn't appear like we "really" did), my husband was trying to figure it out the morning of too. I sat in my car waiting for the text to see if I could go and meet up with them or if I had to run to either the school or pediatrician's office. It ended up being OK, so I started to drive.

Then I get there and it's unclear where I should meet them. I am waiting for my husband to tell me where they are (they had just changed locations) and then I had to find it which took longer as I got a bit lost because their maps are NOT adequate.

OK, I finally get there and catch the second session. We break for lunch after that. OK... lunch. Something I don't usually have, but I can make it my big meal of the day and choose wisely. I made a green salad and skipped the pizza and pasta and deli sandwiches, and went for the roasted chicken breast, cabbage and mashed potatoes instead. No dessert. It was a good choice.

Then, we went back to sessions and then in the middle of one I had to leave as I had to get back to my son's school for school pick-up. I got turned around while getting home, so it cut it close to picking up my son at school on time.  When we got home I just needed something. Like I REALLY need something sweet. I felt exhausted. I grabbed three oreos.

I then drove back to campus with the younger one so we could show him how close the university is (30-40 minute drive) and what a dorm looked like so he could have a better understanding of what his older brother's life was going to be like at college. (This is where I have to say, "Curse you producers of Blues Clues for how you ended Steve's run on the show!" Since my younger son was FOUR he has been worried about his big brother going to college because what that meant on the show was that you NEVER saw Steve again. Going to college meant, to him, being gone FOREVER. He's now 9 and in 3rd grade and mostly gets it, but he's still worried about missing his big brother).

We stayed there for a little bit and then we drove home in our two separate cars. By the time I got home, fighting traffic a bit as it's rush hour, I was just done... I scarfed more oreos. I ate two ice cream sandwiches, I grabbed some cheese spread and crackers. I could not stuff my face fast enough with simple carbs. In ten minutes I probably ate 1500 calories. And I still ate a full dinner (though chicken and a salad). Total calories for the day was about 4000 - like 3 times what I usually eat!!!!

Today is 100% fine and no problems, but I got totally possessed yesterday - lack of sleep, stress and exhaustion just did me in. I came undone. It had nothing to do with really being hungry or eating emotionally. I have just trained my body over my adulthood, 30 year or so, to boost my energy with carb rich foods whenever it's on empty. It's going to take another 30 to not do that I'm afraid!

I try really hard to limit stress and to get adequate sleep and this is why - so I don't come undone.

I'm not going to beat myself up about it, but it was shocking to me even when I was unraveling how I was totally unraveling!

In orientation news, my son is all signed up for classes but more than half his credit hours will need to be changed when he gets his AP results in and after the takes a computer science placement exam. So far, at least, he has no classes before 11 am and I'm also happy to say that I did manage to successfully talk him into taking marching band freshmen year! Yay!

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