Thursday, June 5, 2014

Dresses - a big NO!

Every time I start to feel good about my progress now and in the past, all I have to do is go try on a dress and then feel a big NOPE!!!! What a way to put your ego in check!

It's even harder on me now as when I was at my lower weights, nearly every dress looked good on me. Now? I just look like a frumpy mess! I will just stick with the one dress I have that can be belted to about any size and call it DONE until I drop down into the dress size I USED to wear. 90% of my dresses are size 12s as the top part of my body needed 12s even when the bottom half were 10s.

I tried on one dress that cut my boobs in half. That's always lovely. Another looked like a moo-moo caftan. It made me look like Mrs. Roper.

This is a Michael Kors dress - available now (though the one I tried on was in blue and black):

 See> Mrs. Roper!
Plus, what's with floor length casual dresses? They're HOT! These dresses barely cover a gal up top and then cover you to your toes - so silly, in my opinion.

I don't need a dress, but I always like having one for a bit of dress-up. I may not be a girly girl with painted finger and toe nails, but I like dresses - a lot. However, I like to look good in them!


  1. Even at my goal weight, only about half the dresses I try on look good on me!! It's more just an issue of fit/style than size, I think - don't feel down~!

  2. That is true - it's not that all dresses looked good on, just that I knew which ones to try and which ones to skip. Now, literally NONE of them look good!

  3. Melissa, you are a woman after my own heart! Our weight-loss stories are similar. In my case I lost a lot, gained back about 40. Now in the midst of losing again. But I digress. I have the same dress issues. I, too, am an apple shape; great legs, but carry all my weight in my middle. Even when I was 140 pounds and defatted (as you say) with saggy skin I still couldn't find a dress that looked good on me. Every year I organize an end of year banquet for my research students and every year I'm determined to wear a dress to the event. In 7 years, not one dress. Skirts and tops--no problem. Dresses--um no. I do agree with Jeanette that so much has to do with fit and style but you'd think with the thousands of dresses out there I would have run across one that looked decent. Nope BTW, I love a well-placed pop-culture, back-in-the-day reference. Mrs. Roper...NICE!