Friday, June 27, 2014

Let's talk bat wings

Yesterday I was doing something... I can't recall. Oh, I was putting up my hair and I noticed my arm. It's deflating and my bat wings are returning and I was so happy to see that! Oh, what time and experience can do to a gal.

So, two years ago, around this time, I was at my all time low. I was exercising so strongly, and was in great shape and the diet was fantastic. I was bothered by my bat wings. They looked like this:

That's a mostly defatted arm with loose skin. I hated it.

Just now when I was looking for photos I found another one, interestingly, taken at about the same weight I am now. That was when I was noticing the bat wings then and was concerned about it and worried about them shrinking up. That photo is here (position of arm doesn't show it as well):

Well, after blowing back up with fat I lost the bat wings and just got fat arms again. So, I was so happy to see bat wings on my arm again yesterday. That means I'm getting back to where I was. Bat wings are so much better than fat filled arms. I am happy to deal with flappiness than fattiness.  Yay to bat wings!

I still have a long ways to go to get to where I was before, but I'm getting there! My double chin is shrinking and that skin is getting crepe-ish looking. My tummy is deflating and the pregnancy stretch marks are looking all wrinkly again. Look at all those 'faults' that I'm happy to see returning! Why? Because it means I'm shrinking and that means a healthier body with loose skin. Which, for now at least, is A-OK by me!

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