Monday, June 9, 2014

Two non-scale victories this weekend

On Friday I was returning/exchanging some shorts for my teen. While I was there, I looked at the clearance rack and on the rack was the next size down in jean shorts that I was currently wearing. Even with the 1% spandex, those jeans were feeling too loose as I mentioned last week. Well, I had bought those shorts on a huge clearance 6 weeks before, this next size down was marked down even more (like $7 for the pair). I took them to the dressing room, tried it on and perfect! If anything, even these are getting loose-ish. So, I bought them and retired the larger pair. That felt good.

So, that is now several things I'm down to a size 14 - 12 in one pair. I decided this morning to pull out the "fat" summer clothes I bought last summer to get me by... The ones I had gotten too fat for!!! And... they fit. A 'tad' more fitted than last summer, but definitely wearable. So, that means I just expanded my wardrobe a few articles of clothing as last summer I ALSO bought just a couple things as I didn't want to stay that HUGE... Sigh... well, yes...

Did absolutely NOTHING on Saturday. I cooked and cleaned off our outdoor ceramic tea light holders, but that's it. We sat out on the deck most of the day - sipping iced coffee, eating the fresh strawberries I picked on Friday and just enjoyed a LAZY Saturday. We haven't had one of those in what seems like forever.

Does it look like we are enjoying?

Sunday we took it easy too, but took a nice walk in the late afternoon.

Eating is always a bit "off" for me on weekends. Calories are still in the "loss" side of the equation, but  I struggle with it more because we are eating more often. This is especially true in a male dominated household.  On weekends we eat breakfast as a family. While during the week I skip breakfast. And this weekend I had fresh strawberries! So, I made almond flour and hazelnut flour pancakes, topped them with strawberries and freshly whipped cream.  I cannot tell you how marvelous that breakfast was. I had TWO such platefuls for breakfast - one pancake each time with tons of strawberries I picked from the field!

It was divine, low carb, but still caloric. Nuts are great for lowering the carb load, but not the caloric load. Breakfast WAS my big meal for the day. That meant I had room for a small snack midday and a light dinner. Sunday was a "ditto" day for eating for me. Basically for dinner both nights I ate the salad only while the rest of the family ate the protein and starch too. Mixed spring greens, arugula, purple onions, red peppers, cubed mozzarella, sliced strawberries, avocado, and grapefruit pieces with a drizzle of olive oil. It was divine!

That's more like my OLD style of eating (more spread out through the day) and while it works too, I do miss out on the varied, HUGE meals at dinner time. But I have to make choices. I can't have a hearty breakfast AND a huge dinner. I have to choose! If I rely on what I want to eat, I'll overeat 9 times out of 10. But that doesn't mean the food can't be good!

So, on Saturday and Sunday you can see how yummy my breakfast and dinner look. I also had the coffee with half and half in the morning, an iced coffee midday and a mint chocolate chip ice cream sandwich both days And that's around 1100-1200 calories.

Today, however, is cleaning up for all the laziness of the weekend. We had done dishes over the weekend, but our dishwasher was having issues, so we have to re-wash all the glasses - which are strewn all over the counters. Then there's laundry and miscellaneous things EVERWHERE, but man... we really, really, really needed a quiet weekend.

Oh, my husband did leave for a few hours on Saturday to take part in the World Quizzing Championships. It's a worldwide test that is given to see who knows the most world-wide trivia. Participants in USA, Canada, all over Europe, Russia, India, etc. Of course, the samples are small and there are TONS of really smart and trivia minded people who don't take it, but at least here in the USA, most of the people who take it are VERY good at trivia (self-selective group). Anyway, my husband was quite happy with his performance. He is currently at 76th place with 1800 test takers reported in. That will drop "a bit" as a few more scores will be coming in, but he's happy with his performance. He got higher scores than some people who were big winners on Jeopardy! (My husband was a one day champ on Jeopardy several years back. There is a TON of luck involved in that game, so you can't tell by who won several games, won one game or never won one as to who actually knows more trivia!)

Anyway, it was a great, great weekend. Scale is coming down too. 218.3 today. Though I feel a bit cheated as my old scale (the one I started with in April) has me always a half pound lighter but I have to go by the one that records the weight! What it does mean though is that the scale is GOING DOWN!

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