Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Scale is being my friend

I had a nice little surprise when I stepped on the scale this morning. 9/10ths of a pound down from yesterday and yesterday was a nice drop down too. It must be "whoosh" time which means I probably did ovulate some time in there. It's just as easy to notice now that I'm 44.

And yesterday was quite a low calorie day for me. I didn't plan for it that way. I did like I always do with no breakfast, super small lunch and a huge dinner. Huge dinners in volume can vary wildly in calories though. I ate a heap of fresh broccoli we had picked up from the farmer's market on Sunday (and by the way, it was the bet broccoli I have ever eaten. Local and super fresh really does make a huge difference). I had drizzled a bit of olive over top and ate a few slices of grilled pork loin and some ajvar which is a roasted eggplant and roasted red pepper with olive oil spread. I ate heartily, but that dinner was about 600 calories versus the 900-1000 I have been eating. It meant for the day I only ate 900 calories! That wasn't the plan, but it's all I was hungry for. I'll probably be hungrier today and will need to eat more. I'll see. Basically, veggies can be very filling!

Tonight my younger son starts a social skills group with other kids on the autism spectrum with like symptoms/severity. This will be tricky as we need to be there by 4:30 which means leaving close to 3:30 and then it goes until 6 pm and then the drive home which will get us home close to 7 pm. Obviously, I need to feed the little kiddo on the way there, but what to do about me? Eat a huge lunch on those days and skip dinner? It's every Tuesday for 12 weeks, so I do need to plan for it. That might need to be the plan as there is no way I can wait that long to eat - especially since I take my thyroid medicine in the evening.

That's another great way to not snack at night. I have to take those meds on an empty stomach and it should mean no eating 3 hours before taking it. So, even though around 9 pm I was getting pretty hungry, I couldn't eat because at 10 I would be taking my Synthroid.

Yep... I need a big lunch today I think! Bacon and eggs sounds good!

Oh, and scale reads 217.4 Not bad! It's a nice steady decline!

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