Monday, June 30, 2014

3 months 30 pounds down

This month's weight loss was slower, as would be expected as my caloric deficit decreases as my weight goes down. Plus, my body adjusts, but I still lost 8.4 pounds this month to put me at 30.7 pounds lost in 3 months. Today the scale said 212.9. My seemingly impossible goal when I dreamed it of getting under 200 by the end of the summer is looking more and more possible.  I hope to get to 205.9 by the end of July and under 200 to 199.9 by the end of August. If I do that, I'll be able to wear my winter clothes again. I have 10s and 12s for winter clothes, so I should be good to go and by NEXT spring/summer I'll be able to wear that closet full of beautiful spring/summer dresses in size 10-12s. I may never fit into the 8s I bought when I was my skinniest, but that's OK!

Tomorrow is measurements day - first time in almost 3 months, so I'm curious as to what it will show. The size 14 shorts that I got are fitting looser, so things are happening!!! I also found a dress in my closet that was the first of the "smallish" dresses I got 3 summers ago to wear to an event. I thought I had gotten rid of it as I got too slim for it, but nope. I still have it and it's wearable - will be more wearable in a week or two - when... I will be going to that SAME event - and hopefully wearing the same dress!

I am actually almost enjoying this trip downward as I've found an easier way for me. I survived a LARGE part last time on protein bars. I had one (sometimes two) for breakfast every morning. With coffee and milk, that had me at 300-500 calories every day. Then I would eat PB and apples typically for lunch - another 300-500 calories and if I couldn't hack it until dinner time, another protein bar or a couple sticks of cheese. Usually by the time dinner came round I was out of calories or only had 400-500 on a 1500 calories a day diet.

Now I'm realizing those protein bars made me hungrier. Yes, they were lower carb, but not low enough carb. I love my skimpy high fat breakfast and snack midday and then totally feasting at dinner. Like last night's dinner was 800 calories, but I ended the day around 1200 calories (or a bit under). I had a HUGE salad with grilled chicken. Delicious and filling... might repeat for tonight's dinner!

I hope it stays this easy. It will make maintenance much easier too if I don't find this terribly hard.

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