Friday, June 20, 2014

Crazy last few days

It's the end of the year madness time. In the past week I've gone to 2 doctor's appointments, 2 therapy appointments, an IEP meeting at school and then there was the school picnic and walk around the lake. Add to that the last two weekends I have had to organize some big projects which involved some run-around for planning for that. I'm POOPED. Last night I crashed and crashed hard!

BUT, school is out for summer (hope I just gave you an ear worm) and now we can move on to SUMMER! At the moment the teen is at a pool party and the younger one is crying about missing his friends and school.  There's been daily tears for a week. By tomorrow? He'll be past it and all ready for summer fun!

Yesterday the rest of the stuff for the canoe arrived, so we have life jackets, the snap-in third seat and a cart to roll it down to the lake. Woohoo! Now it is time to start tackling home projects that have been on hold most of this year. I have to put that teen to work and that will be easier without having to run around as much with appointments and such.

For me, everything is going well, despite the crazy last week. I've been 100% on plan and that has felt great. I was especially proud of myself as I managed to stay on plan despite the scale going up with my monthly cycle and with the summer heat. It went up four pounds, but now it's come down, taking an extra pound with it. As of this morning I stand at 214.6. That is 6.6 pounds lost for June so far. I had set a target for 7, so this is looking good.

We were supposed to go to a party tomorrow where I was a bit afraid of the dessert table, but it has been postponed until July. Means I have more opportunities to stay ON PLAN!!! Yay! I'm not trying to avoid fun times, but avoiding food in front of me is hard! It's hard for anyone.

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