Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Things I noticed with the rapid weight gain

As I've said, and as you have seen in real life, I gained a lot of weight, really quickly. I was able to see where the weight went and I was able to see how it affected me physically.

First, I could see that my skin filled out. All that loose skin I had never really shrunk up, it had just gotten defatted. I watched it balloon back up and already I'm seeing it beginning to deflate slightly again.

Second, my tail bone started bothering me again and probably because of all the extra weight I had on it quite quickly. I find it terribly uncomfortable to sit in certain positions for very long. I hadn't noticed problems with that for years! It got broken during the birth of my second son who was not only heavy at 11 lbs 14 ozs, but was also broad and big. Notice his head is not cone shaped and the nurse midwife was shocked how he came out both shoulders at the same time (versus slipping out one followed by the other) My tailbone was in his way for exiting, I guess, and he wanted to make a BIG entrance for sure. My tail bone has never been the same since, but it definitely aches a LOT more with more pressure/weight on it.

And mostly, my knees hurt every time I went to sit down or stand up? Why... I had lost strength in my legs and then was asking them to lift 50 plus pounds than it had to lift just a few months before with each sitting and standing. Already I'm noticing that is getting better and that makes sense as I'm asking my body to lift 15 less pounds each time I sit and stand too. I am even noticing I'm able to run up the stairs now too. The weight was a huge burden on the knees.

Of course, there were things beyond physical changes. I felt less confident in myself. I felt (and was) less attractive. My husband was less attracted to me (for physical and mental reasons). And the weight gain (and carb heavy diet) made me feel lethargic.

It's funny, I'm eating much fewer calories and much fewer quick energy foods (simple carbs), but I have twice the energy I had before and that is not even related to my thyroid as I feel the sluggishness while on thyroid meds and too many carbs too.

I need to remember this feeling of how bad the weight feels for me physically and mentally. It just wears me out in all ways.

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  1. What a cutie! Biiiig boy though, that's for sure! It's amazing how fast our skin can reinflate, isn't it? Losing is hard, and regaining is easy. Oh if only that were switched - it would be bad for human survival on the whole but I'd be nice and thin ;)