Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Changes in my attitude

The last time I lost weight, I had all these little rewards along the way.  I took photos every 20 pounds, etc. I was discovering a me I hadn't seen in many, many years.  After awhile, where I had never been as an adult!

This time, I just want to get to where I was. I have no desire to take photos after 20 pounds, 10 pounds, nothing.  I know what I'll look like.  I looked like that just two years ago.  I'll take measurements if and when I deal with stalls or feel things aren't moving in the right direction, but I don't even feel a need to do that as regularly.

Also, there is no allure of shopping for clothes. I have a closet full of clothes waiting for me. I bought a few clothes that will hopefully transition until I can get into the smaller sizes.

The only thing that I am looking at right now is 200 pounds.  I want to be under that.  I want to never go over it again.  This time for real! It's like I can't get there fast enough. And while I have a lot to lose after getting to 200 pounds, that will at least get me in the same hundreds!  I have no desire to get to 160 like I was hoping to get to before. That super ambitiousness has left me.  But I do want to get to 175 and stay there. Mostly though, I want to be able to keep my eating forever in check. I don't like the feeling of being out of control.

Everything is already done... Gizmos, clothes, workout material,etc.  I just need to get there!

(Edited for ghastly typos that always happen when I post from my iPad).

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  1. I sort of feel the same way. I'm now (finally) within 10 pounds of where I was in early 2012. I'm just now starting to fit into the clothes that I bought then. So, I have those clothes. And, I haven't taken a lot of pics either. I may feel differently once I get below where I was then (I've been lower than that but it's been a long time).