Friday, May 2, 2014

An unexpected super long walk and trying to get my gizmos to be friendly

After our torrential downpours, so much so that they make the national news, I needed to get out and about. So much of the year is either too hot or too cold to enjoy walks, so I want to get in as many in nice weather as possible.

Last night I took a couple of walks, for about 3 miles total for the day. I first walked to and fro to get my son from school, but in the evening I decided to walk to a nearby intersection to investivate these trees that I have been trying to figure out what they are since we moved here 4.5 years ago. And I'm happy to say with a closer look, I know what they are -  Canada Red Chokeberry trees.

Of course, I found other interesting specimens along the way too. It was a very enjoyable walk for me. However, it was not so nice of a walk for my husband. I don't have allergies. My husband does, but they are moderate and recently developed. What that means is that sometimes he forgets to take his allergy medicine - like last night. So, we took this lovely walk (and it was lovely) and about 15 minutes after we got home my husband was a sneezing, sniffling, teary eyed mess. Oops! Some visine and an hour later with some allergy medicine he felt better, but I realized until these pollens dissipate, he's probably not going to go out that much for walks.

Still need to figure out what these pretties are.  No clue: Anyone?

So, after yesterday's fiasco with the allergies, I decided I needed to take walks by myself for now. I decided to take a walk to my son's school and then a big, long loop. I've taken this walk several times, but it hasn't been since last summer that I took the full loop. Sometimes I've just walked up and back down the same street. it would be about 4 miles.

And I thought I was smart for this walk. I had all my gizmos at the ready. I was wearing my Garmin heart rate monitor and watch. I had on my bodymedia Fit gizmo that counts steps and activity level. And I had my phone so that I could listen to the radio via headphones. Off I went.

The walk was very pleasant, but I was beginning to get tired of the radio. Only when I 'thought' I was getting close to home did I realize I should have listened to a podcast instead of a re-airing of what I had already heard in the morning (NPR, WAMU). But, since I was "almost home" I decided to just stick with the radio.

The turnoff to cut across a parking lot didn't come up though. I was surprised at how far it was. Well, only when I got in front of the golf course fancy house did I realize that I was WAY off course. I had walked almost a mile out of my way and the only way back was to turn right around and go back the same way I came. Ugh!  I was tired and thirsty! I hadn't had breakfast and only a small glass of water in the morning! Now I knew I had at least 2 miles to walk or more to get home. UGH!!!!

Here was my route and 'detour'. Thank goodness it was such a lovely day. In the end, I walked about 6 miles. I'll tack on another almost mile this afternoon when I pick my son up from school.

What irked me was that my Garmin Gizmo wasn't working properly and then I accidentally locked all the keys. I googled how to unlock them quickly when I was outside my son's school, but that didn't work. The entire walk it was pausing and resuming as it thought I was stopping anytime I slowed down. And not surprising as I can see now that it thought I was cross country skiing! And, I can't find the devise to connect it to my computer. I put it somewhere to be 'safe' and I have no idea where that is.

So, that was useless today - a very expensive useless toy.

Then, I tried to pair my scale/core band/blood pressure monitor. Yes, not so easy. They pair, but not completely. I can see "most" everything (after some work and googling) the phone with BodyMedia Fit and Withings. Not on the ipad and not on the Mac. I can tie MyNetDiary (where I track food) with Withings, but only that withings scale will report directly to MyNetDiary, not that any of the food stuff will go to Withings.  And while Withings connect to both my gizmos (and I think the Garmin watch too), the two other one won't speak to each other - MyNetDiary to BodyMedia Fit. As, probably, they are in competition with each other for food databases. Ugh.

In the end, I sort of got it to work and asked a question at Withings for details. We'll see.

This is what I see on my iphone for Withings:

My iPad:

My Mac:

See? Three different things and supposedly all the same "app". uh-huh. Only the iphone has the info about my sleep and activity (and an hour of sleep was 'cut off' as the thingee cut out - as it does sometimes, so I got about 6 hours and 11 minutes of sleep, not 5.

And yes, the scale went up today - go figure. Might be that I had a salty dinner. Or it might be that I'm gearing up for ovulation again... which would be the third month in a row after NOTHING for 3 months. Probably the thyroid coming back in line.

After my walk I spent over an hour just trying to figure out how to get these things to talk with each other. What a time sink!

But... in other news, it's a beautiful day and some things in my yard are growing and I didn't think they would. First, the traditional lilacs are starting to bloom and smell divine. This is their 4th year and their FIRST blooms. There's only 3, but hey... it's blooming! (I also have a Korean Dwarf Lilac that will bloom a couple weeks later). AND, after two failed attempts, the rhubarb I planted last spring took hold and is growing - 2 bunches! YES!!!! Lastly, I found two kinds of bleeding hearts. The pink ones I've had for a couple years, but last year I found some white ones and they are doing great!

And how can I forget? The baby birds. Mommy laid 6 eggs. 4 hatched. They are 6 days old now. They two outer ones are facing to the wall. The two inner ones are facing out:


  1. I just got a Withings Blood pressure monitor and have an iPhone and an iPad any husband has an iPad Mini. First, in case you didn't know, you can only pair the blood pressure monitor with one device. I had it paired with my phone and DH wanted to use it with his iPad mini so I had to "forget" it on my phone for him to be able to pair it with his iPad. So now I can't use it with my iphone. I have to use it with his ipad and then the data uploads to withings and can then be seen on my iPhone.

    Second, the app that is the iPad Withings app is the "old" Withings app. The iPhone has the new app. You can't use the "old" app to pair with a blood pressure monitor. You can, however, download the newer iPhone app to your iPad which is a much better app than the old app.

    Last - on long walks I find that it really helps me a lot to take a bottle of water with me.

  2. Hi - that white flower you were wondering about - looks like viburnum.

    1. The second one or the first one? The one sort of from the distance or the one still blooming up close?

    2. First one - up close.