Friday, May 9, 2014

Feeling the energy flowing and it feels good!

It's been 5 weeks since I've been taking my thyroid medication again and also about 7 weeks or so that I felt the winter blahs leaving me. So, it s a double impact mood lifter - more sunlight and better thyroid. I have all these plans of things I want to do! Now to find the time to do them!

The last couple of days I've been getting the perennials and annuals for the yard. My plans for this weekend are to PLANT! I'll be in heaven! I even bought a new hose so that I can take care of my new baby plants.  I am happy to see though that after four years here, some things are taking hold and are getting fuller and coming back. And, through trial and error I've learned what things will grow and what things just don't like my soil. For instance, I love pincushion plants. I have tried planting them 4 years in a row and nada. They either fizzle during the season or don't come back in, so no more.  I am trying a couple of newer things to see.

So, besides working on Mother's Day for Sunday School, I will be planting. For something special for Mother's Day, I'm making rhubarb pie and homemade vanilla ice cream. That will be my splurge for the month and I hope still to keep it within my calories for the day (like I did with the baby shower cake last month).

Not much else. Life is good and I'm feeling good. I'm still experiencing my month WHOOSH week too, which has been especially nice. Down another 1.1 pounds today. So that is 6.2 pounds down in five days. I knew I was holding water, but whoa!

So, here are my charts:

And for your viewing pleasure, the baby birds I showed you a a week ago. They are now 13 days old and should probably fledge in the next 2-3 days. It's been fun watching them grow!


  1. Nice weight loss results! It always fun when that happens.

    1. Thanks! It's interesting because I haven't had that whoosh with my monthly cycle in a very long time, even when I was still at it. I was having many more anovulatory cycles.

      I better not get used to it though as next month could be anovulatory.... this one followed the classic cycle for me and I found quite a bit of comfort in that versus the random ups and downs most people deal with!