Thursday, May 1, 2014

One month in and new gizmos!

Yep, it's been one month already and I can hardly believe it. It has been pretty smooth sailing and fairly straight forward so far. There were some expected blips in there - Easter, son's birthday, and a baby shower, but despite that I lost 8.6 pounds for the month according to my old Tanita IronMan scale.

It's funny how this month has just flown by. I haven't felt deprived. I haven't felt consumed with food thoughts - nothing. Yet for MONTHS before this I was nonstop thinking about "tomorrow I'll eat better". "Starting January 1st I'll get on track." "February 1st then." and so on. Yet, now that I am on track, it's easy. Starting to actually do it, took a slap in the face. I just couldn't force myself to just DO IT.

Also, as you may recall, I ordered a Withings Scale and a Withings blood pressure monitor and a larger band for my BodyMedia Fit gizmo that tracks sleep and steps/activity as well as track food (if I wanted to). I track my food elsewhere. Those were my mother's day presents to myself.

It took me forever to figure out how to use the apps today and well, they leave a bit to be desired. Like, I can't see how the Withings and BodyMedia sites really connect on my ipad. They do seem to on my iphone display much better, but since I hadn't worn my band for a few weeks, there's no new info, so it's a zero display.

For a record, I plugged in several weights into the Withings iPhone app so that I can see my starting point and where I've gone from there. I then took a blood pressure reading to add that to the chart and to keep track of.

The app on my ipad looks like this for a display(click to enlarge):

On my iPhone it looks like this below. You can see where the BodyMedia Fit will show it's info as soon as it's gathered it and been paired with it. (Sleep and Calories burned). Right now it's showing as zero as I haven't worn the gadget for 2 weeks. The weight lost is showing as 1.4 for the week as it's averaging the weight I 'probably' lost this week according to the data it has inputted so far.

So, that is that. My two scales were within .2 of a pound from each other too, so I couldn't be upset. Tanita had me at 233.0. Withings had me at 233.2. I didn't look at comparing body fat for both because really for now, it's still all about getting more fit, eating right and just having the trend go in the right direction.

Oh... and another note on pulse or BPM (beats per minute). The scale takes one while standing. That is never, ever the best measure as you all should know. That measure is taken while you are standing, have been walking around, etc. For that measure I got 89 as you can see above. Sure, that number should go down too with fitness level, but it is not a measure of a a resting heart rate. That one is better captured by the blood pressure monitor. And it was 64. As you can see here:

So April 1st was the start of eating right and getting on track. May 1st start the daily tracking of everything. Hopefully that downward trend will continue!

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