Saturday, January 19, 2013

Feeling like my new old self again

I think I've gotten most of the carbs crap out of my system. My gut is smaller and I'm feeling more energetic. I feel less weighed down and I look better. My husband noticed it too - my gut is visibly smaller even though I've only dropped 7 pounds in two weeks. Well, 7 pounds is a lot and about 4 of them were water, I suspect - mostly in the gut.

I have managed to get exercise 6 days a week so far and I want to keep that up. Even on my rest day, I would love it if I could fit in a walk, weather permitting, just to move and re-energize myself. I spend so much time sitting that moving with a purpose helps clear my head too.

I have come such a long way. I guess I realize it somewhat, but it's not until I am next to a new beginner that I realize, "wow, that was me a couple years ago!"  And when I see a beginner I try to encourage them and help them. I did that today in strength training class. We all have to start from somewhere and learning to do it right helps a lot in being able to keep up with it.

Ok... I'm tired. Looooong day. Off to bed! (at least sleep is good with good exercise too!)


  1. Wow, Melissa! You're such an inspiration!

    I agree that getting a walk is so helpful to clear our thoughts, calm our feelings and enjoy a change of attention that expands into new surroundings.

    How often and for how long are you doing strength training? What activities do you mix up over your 6 days to stay energized? What's your secret to being consistent?

    Thanks for sharing. My mother just died. So much of any free time was taken up communicating with her, her caregivers or my siblings. I need to re-establish the rhythm of movement through my days.

    I'd appreciate any tips you have. You're so looking radiant and vibrant!

    ~ Laura

  2. I'm glad you're building up momentum and have gotten some of that bloat off - woohoo!

    As for newbies, I have to be in the right frame of mind to address their concerns, otherwise I tend to be a bit too terse. I get tired, every year, of seeing people come on with their news years resolutions only to give up at the first sign of adversity, because they were never truly committed to change to begin with. Something I do great and want to offer them wisdom, but other times I just know anything I post will sound far less kind than I intend - most people don't want to hear that they're going to fail because they haven't the will or the vision to make this happen for themselves, and until they do all the gym and diet specials in the world aren't going to do the work that only their brains and hearts can achieve.

    Hence my scarcity on the board lately. I'm just too crotchety, and I can only partially blame hormones ;)