Monday, January 14, 2013

Trying to catch up - Starting with the Biggest Winner

Here I said a couple weeks ago that I was back and at it and what happened? I didn't blog! HOWEVER, I was getting with the program with eating and exercising - just not writing.

So... to get you all up to speed (who ever still bothers to come here as I'm sure I lost my readership). I gained some weight this fall instead of getting down to where I wanted to be. The Rock Your Jeans event was a big failure and I'm so mad at myself. I just got toooooo busy and overwhelmed - two part time jobs, nursing an injury, my son in tons of therapies, etc, etc. etc. I kept up SOME of the exercise, but everything else slipped. And then the holidays.

Oh boy. I wanted to stay in check, but wanted to and doing it are two different things. I have found that there is no such thing (for me) of either having none or some - it's none or too much. More on that in a future post.

So... I find myself up quite a few pounds on the scale. I was at 197 on New Year's Day. Enough to make me choke! I knew some of it was water weight, but not THAT much.

January 5th "The Biggest Winner" started at my gym. I was going to try this personal training and event thing ONE MORE TIME. And see how I do. I had already dropped a lot of the junk from the diet, so my official weigh in was 194.4.  Yesterday morning it was 190.0 - a bit more than a week later. That first water weight has dropped plus some fat.

The Biggest Winner contest has us in teams of 4. We were pretty much randomly assigned together and with a trainer. Though, I'm not sure if some groups have friends together or not - I have no idea.

We meet twice a week. Our group meet on Mondays and Wednesdays at noon. We are all women and I'm the baby of the group - which is kind of different as I was the oldest one by far with the Rock Your Jeans event (my partner and trainer were in their twenties).

My goal is to just do the best I can. I know how to eat. I know I need to push myself with exercise and I need to do it consistently. I'm not there to win anything (though if I do - woohoo!) I'm just there to push myself to lose that fat I gained the last few months and to do it in the fastest HEALTHIEST way.

Today was our third meeting and our first challenge. We did a squats test - how many could we do in 2 minutes. I wanted to push myself. I do squats for 3 plus minutes with a barbell 2 times a week - pushing myself to my max. I wanted to try to get to as close to one rep a second as possible. Yes, I like to challenge myself like that. I was close. It was 108 squats - full range in 2 minutes. I have 7 weeks to build on that before getting retested. Let's see where I go from there. Maybe in 7 weeks I can do a full 120. I'm not competitive with other people - just myself- trying to improve MYSELF.

Tomorrow I'll talk a bit on how I've learned a bit more about my carb sensitivities.


  1. I'm sorry you've been struggling and so busy :(

    That's always tough to balance life and maintaining. We have to figure out how to do it, but that doesn't mean it's simple (and arguably it's the biggest challenge of health management!). Also a bummer on the Rock Your Jeans challenge, but I hope the new challenge is what you need to get back on track :)

  2. I think what really through me off was the extra problem with sugar I had with the cortisone shot - RIGHT during the holidays. It made it even harder to resist the "one more cookie... maybe just one more... Mmmm chocolate!"

    I'm not too distressed. I had kept up the exercise (mostly) and the pounds are already coming off. I just like to drag my feet it seems!

    1. Cortisone would do it - any steroid, really, can be that extra cravings trigger we don't need when stressed and busy as is!