Sunday, January 27, 2013

Funny things that happen when you lose weight.

Three things have happened in the last 36 hours that make me realize the comical side of losing weight. At least I choose to see it in a funny way.

First yesterday. Yesterday the family was going to go to one of the fairly local ski/snowboard resort. I was going as the pack mule as I don't ski or snowboard (yet). I had stayed up late the night before getting stuff ready and got up early the morning of to get stuff ready. All was good. I didn't forget anything and we were well prepared. Well, there were a couple of glitches.

Here's the story. I knew I was going to be standing outside for at least 4 hours yesterday in the below freezing temperatures. I haven't been to the ski place since I lost a lot of weight, but I thought I was set. First, "uh-oh" happened when I went to get a warm coat. My day to day coat for this area is a lighter weight down jacket. It doesn't cover my bum and it's not overly warm. I had already gotten rid of my 2X down coat the year before as I could wrap two of me in it, but in the closet I had stored a Men's XL down coat I bought when we lived in Chicago. I rarely use it as I rarely need it here. I had gotten too big for it when we moved to Ontario, which is why I needed to buy the 2X down coat.

Well, this one might be smaller than the 2X coat, but I still swim in it! The sleeves cover my fingers, and I can wrap the coat around me 1.5 times almost. It has a waist cinch, but the waist now hits me on the hips, so to get it on my waist, I have to hoist it up, making a bubble top. I can cinch the bottom too, but each of those cords is now 15-18" long. I looked like a big green marshmallow blob.

Next problem I had was that I couldn't fit into the snow pants I bought end of season last year. Well, I could fit into them if I got on the bed and fastened and zipped them that way - not the way you want to wear snowpants. I was 25 lbs lighter than I am now when I bought them, so they are too small. There's motivation for me right there to lose the weight I put on (again). And wouldn't that have been a lovely combo - skin tight snow pants and a huge bubbly coat over top.

So, I couldn't wear the snow pants. I'm now rushing to get out the door as my son has a lesson schedule that we couldn't be late for. I reach into my armoire and pull out a pair of cuddle duds and a pair of corduroy pants. I know the cords are a little big, but with cuddle duds, I should be OK. Well, I was not OK. These size 12 pants were fitting only slightly loose a few weeks ago, but now they are quite lose (like I can move the fly in 2-3" at the waistband kind of too loose). So all day I went around with my huge bubble coat and every once in awhile I would have to hoist my pants up before they dropped to my knees. When I had to go to the bathroom I didn't have to undo the fly. What I would have done for a belt!

Then today. Today I was teaching Sunday School, I get dressed a little nicer on Sundays and all was good. I decided on my wool dress and tights and off I went to Virginia.

While I was there, I had to go to the bathroom and while in the bathroom I realize that I have put my underwear on sideways. Sideways? Well, this is the deal. When you lose weight you drop underwear sizes. My very big underwear are long gone, but I have some in two sizes. One are a little big and then I have some two sizes smaller and they are  a little tight. I was wearing the pair that are a little big. What I had done was put on leg in the waist hole, one in a leg hole and then pulled them up so that a leg hole was now a 'new' waist hole. That could only happen on a pair of underwear that are too big!

I just had to laugh. All these things you don't think about when you lose weight. We know and look forward to replacing our large sized jeans and tops and dresses, but we don't give much thought to the underwear, the pajamas, the winter coats and even the shoes that most likely will need to be replaced.

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