Wednesday, January 16, 2013

I think I'm doing so much more, but I still need to rev it up!

I am trying (and mostly succeeding) at doing something physical every day, but when I review it, I realize I could be and should be doing more. Going from doing it two to three times a week (my pattern in late November and all of December) to 6 days a week is a big jump, but I can do MORE each day than bare minimum.

Yesterday I felt yucky - hormones and headache. I was super proud of myself for doing the Reebok Step video at 9:30 at night for those 45 minutes - adding in an extra set of risers to up the intensity a bit.

But really, if I want to meet my goal for June 1st (a self imposed goal), I need to take it up a notch or two. 30-45 minutes a day probably won't cut it. I need an hour a day, 6 days a week to get to where I want to be.

I have two reasons to push myself. The first being, my summer clothes are size 8s and 10s. I'm currently sitting at a 10-12. I want to be able to WEAR my summer shorts (and not just the stretchy summer dresses). Two, mentally I don't think I could handle that it was take longer than 6 months to undo 2 months of damage.  It is so much easier to put on weight than take it off. THAT sucks!

So, what I've done so far this year:

January 1: Nada
January 2: Strength Training (45 minutes)
January 3: Body Vive (25 Cardio 25 toning)
January 4: walk/run 30  minutes
Jaunary 5:  Body Vive (25 Cardio 25 toning)
January 6: Nada
January 7: light weight training (met with PT for the first time)
January 8: super fast 3 mile walk (one mile pace was 13:54)
January 9: weight training (30), step 45
January 10: Body Vive (25 Cardio 25 toning), 2 miles moderate pace walk
January 11: Zumba (1 hr) some strength with physical therapy
January 12: 1 hr. Strength, 1.33 mile walk - moderate pace
January 13: Nada
January 14: 30 minute strength - 2 minute squat test - 108 squats
January 15: 45 minutes step.
January 16: 30-45 Strength training

What I need to do is to throw some cardio in on the days that I have a lighter strength training day. But I don't want to use the machines at the gym as I hate them and the weather has SUCKED the last few days. So... that meant I didn't do as much as I should on the 14th and nothing on the 13th because of it. Some people will go out in the rain - not me.

I think I want to get some more videos (on DVD) to use in the basement. Now that we have a better tv down there, it might be a good alternative to classes at the gym. I just prefer "group" over machines. Even being alone but following a group along on a video is better than those dreaded machines at the gym. ICK!

But, at least I'm DOING things again. I just don't feel I'm in a groove yet.

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