Sunday, January 20, 2013

Break day and slow losing

And I have to admit, I really didn't want it to be a break day and if I didn't have so much to do, I would have enjoyed some time at the gym or outside. But, I teach on Sundays and drive in to do that. And I had dinner to deal with, dishes, etc.

Now that it's 9 pm, I'm fading big time. Like big time. So, maybe it's good that it was a rest day. I don't know.

Scale is staying the same and I wish I knew what that meant. According to my gizmo, I should be steadily losing. I know losses come in fits and starts, but we'll see when I'll see them. Hormones aren't helping me at all - this peri-menopause stuff is for the birds!

According to my gizmo, I "should" see a nearly 2 pounds lost for the week. So far nada. So... Pfft on that.  I know it will happen, it's just waiting for it to happen. But, the clothes are fitting better. I'm noticing I'm holding my stomach in as a natural state versus a forced state. So, it's moving in the right direction. It's just a slow, slow process.

You know, I "used" to say, "the weight didn't go in in 6 months, so it doesn't need to come off in 6 months." And that was true for me before as the weight came on slowly over years - little by little. However, my recent trends are the opposite.

My last experiences have been that I've put on 10-25 pounds in 1-2 months (with every time about 7 of it water weight) and it will take months and months to undo it. So, one month to put it on, 3 months to take it off, or in this last case, 2 months to put it on and about 5 months to take it off. So much for the "it went on slow, take it off slow". Even if it goes on fast, it still takes a long time to take it off.

But I will and I will get there this time and hopefully have a better time of maintaining those losses. I just can never lose sight of how harmful sugars/grains are to my body. I just can't handle them AND I can't handle prolonged sleep deprivation, which I'm always battling in this household with a night owl teen and night owl spouse.

So, my progress for the past week (according to my gizmo) is this (click to enlarge):

Not too bad when it counts in today which is a break day from exercise. But you can also see that I need more sleep. Less than 7 is not a good trend and it got worse and worse as the week went on.

With that, I think I will call it a day and head to bed and be thankful for no alarm clocks this Monday morning.

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