Tuesday, January 15, 2013

This whole carb sensitivity thing

One of the biggest things I learned about myself through this weight loss journey (and man is this a long journey) is that I am more sensitive to carbs than I realized and carbs affect my whole body - more than I realized.

So, I started on a lower carb diet because my doctor told me to and because it worked for me before when I had gestational diabetes during pregnancy. I knew without having to do too much tweaking what foods would spike my sugars and which wouldn't. (anyone can check this as anyone can buy a glucose monitor - EVERYONE'S sugar spikes, it's just how fast it comes down that determines if you are diabetic or not). So, I know to avoid things like bread, rice, pasta, sweet potatoes and bananas.

What I really didn't know is how easy it would be to give them up, but what I also didn't realize is how hard it is to give them up. Confused? It's hard to stand the first 2-3 days of lowering the carbs (and again, I'm not talking about going to Atkins 20 grams low carb, but just ridding the simple carbs, but keep complex carbs like peas, beans, apples, etc). Once your body is rid of the simple sugars and is regulated, then you don't crave those sugars any more and you can have them in front of you and can resist them.

The hard part is GETTING THROUGH those three days. Your body is addicted to the sugar highs, so skipping that donut or that cookie is really, really hard.

I think I exasperated things this time with having a cortisone shot in my shoulder - which can mess up sugar metabolism. So, resisting the sugars was even harder and I LOST my control - big time - gaining 15 pounds over the holidays!!!!!

But what I've also learned is that sugar doesn't just make me crave sugar, but it does this to me:

1. I have to get up during the night to go pee if I have a lot of sugars.
2. I get sinus headaches if I eat too many sugars.
3. I get bloated, especially around the mid section if I eat sugars.
4. I feel very lethargic if I eat sugars.
5. I reach orgasm better if I eat sugars.
6. I need to use the toilet more (#2) when I eat sugars.

I have FINALLY (I think) figured out how they are all connected - or all but #6. It's pretty easy to know if you are getting up in the middle of the night to pee or not. Same as it's easy to know if you have headaches or not. Or have orgasms or not.

In every one of these cases (except #6), it's all caused by bloat/swelling/inflammation I think - based on my unscientific observations.  My gut is swollen, so my bladder is pressed on, so I can't hold as much pee, so I need to get up (and I always need to pee LESS, just more often - like during pregnancy).  My sinsuses feel more pressure because they are swollen/inflamed by the sugars, so they ache.

What about orgasms? Well, I have always found it much easier/faster to reach orgasm when I'm mid-cycle (around ovulation) or right before more period. Why? More blood flow/bloating/swelling of the area, so I'm more sensitive. Why would it be different for when I eat more sugars?

I thought my "problem" of anorgasmia was getting better this summer with the switch from generic to name brand drug for my thyroid. But you know what else changed then? I went on vacation and ate more sugar. I am eating less sugar and I'm having problems in that area again. Coincidence? I don't think so.

Now, #6? I think that this is different. I just think my body doesn't run as efficiently or absorb as much into the gut when I eat higher sugar content foods, so it passes through quicker.

One thing I can't know is if it is sugar or wheat. As for me they tend to go hand in hand. I rarely have too many sugars that don't involve wheat, but both are know to be inflammatory foods to the body. I just must be super sensitive to one or the other or BOTH. Though, I think it's sugar.

What this is POUNDING into my head though is that it's not just making me fat - it's causing other issues. And I really need to stay away from those delicious treats as my body doesn't like them in almost any area (except my genitals it seems).

Again... sorry for speaking so bluntly, but a. how else do we learn if we aren't honest? And b. I'm a sex ed teacher - I've learned that talking about natural body needs and functions is healthier than being all hush-hush about it. I'm married. I'm not dead, therefore, yes, I do have sex.

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