Tuesday, July 10, 2012

It's mulch day!!!

The heat wave broke yesterday, but was raining yesterday morning. I had work meetings in the afternoon and my MIL had a friend over in the evening, so yesterday was a bust. But today? No rain and the high of 81 degrees. If an 81 degree day in mid July doesn't scream "finish up all your summer projects woman, as we probably won't give you another day like this again until September!", then I don't know what does. And, as we will be out of the country for 3.5 weeks in a WEEK, I need to get this all done. For sure.

Pfft... When my mother-in-law asked me in all seriousness if we would be done with the path and stuff by the time we left for vacation, I scoffed at her for even thinking that it was possible to take 6 weeks to do this project. Well, she was more right than me. We've been done with the rocks for a month which is mainly what she was concerned about - but now she's concerned with being able to put a car in the garage for vacation. And we've been done with the planting for a few weeks (mostly), but the mulch? Well... that took way longer than I anticipated. Partly due to the poison ivy. Partly due to me misjudging my available time with working, and partly to do with (well, greatly to do with) the scorching hot weather.

By, tomorrow it will be done. Done I tell you! Woohoo! Unbelievable to even think about a reasonable temperature. The last few times I've gone out, it was 85 before 10 am. I gave up when it got to 90 degrees (and humid) at 10 am. No way!!!

So, today is the day of the 'big mulch dig'. I plan to get to it as soon as soon as I finish some work this morning and then not stop until I'm done. Then I'll snag my teenager and have him help me with tidying up the yard and dealing with the remaining stones, the sand, and the potting debris that's left (most of it is gone). We'll put in the remaining stepping stones in the fall for the side yard. They weren't part of the master plant, but make sense to do since we have the extra stones.

I'm almost giddy thinking about finishing up. That's because I'm still fresh. I might update when I get done, just to say I'm DONE. That will be a first for me - a blog post with an update!

Update - first update is that after working several hours for work, I got a headache. I decided I would just work outside this afternoon/evening then, once my headache was gone.

Then I went to get my son from camp and it's hot outside! I thought my thermostat outside was lying to me (as it will give odd readings sometimes in the afternoon if the sun hits it). It said 91. But I went to my car and it said 92. What??? Accuweather says it's cloudy and 87 now. Well, I see it's sunny and 91. I'm holding off a bit. maybe this evening will be cooler and tomorrow and the next day are supposed to be too. So much for the "big mulch dig", but the "Big Dig" took forever too, right?

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  1. Hurray for finishing projects! We leveled and seeded our yard and it has taken my husband weeks to move that much topsoil, so I hear you on these projects always taking longer than we think. May you have triumph over path and mulch ;)