Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Bowing head in shame - the mulch is still there!

But it shrank a lot, does that count?

The weather ended up being way, way hotter than predicted and I ended up having a meeting to go to.

Today, however, I spent about 90 minutes shoveling mulch and distributing it in the back yard. Not tons of fun, but it needed to be done. I got my teenager to mow the lawn, but as he's new to mowing this year, it also meant several interventions from me. Some to show him spots he missed and some to show him how to do it easier.

Tomorrow I'll do more mulching. I need to as Friday morning the city picks up the lawn debris stuff and that's the last time they come before vacation. I want that headache dealt with. MAYBE when I'm all done I'll take photos of everything I've done. I showed before photos, so the after should show all the work easily enough.

But now to bed. I'm running way low on sleep again. I think it's nerves getting to me with our trip coming up!

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