Sunday, July 15, 2012


Today I moved the sand pile - a half ton approximately. I had ordered a ton and we've used about half of it so far.

I also cleaned up the garage for the car to go back in, and then I got the driveway all picked up and cleaned off. I haven't seen the driveway cleared off in more than two months. It started so innocently - a few shady perennials for the side yard, but then I kept seeing all these wonderful full sun perennials and I had to make room for some! Boy, did I create PROJECTS for myself.

I hope to get some pictures up of it tomorrow. That's if I get all the packing done early enough!

Today I also cut my little guys hair, helped my husband with his hair cut and did laundry. I want it all done and caught up and also all done so that we have everything we could possibly want for vacation.

And then I made the dinner I've been craving like mad for a couple weeks.  Here it is:

A toasted and buttered pumpernickel bagel sandwich with cracked pepper turkey breast deli meat, imported swiss cheese, farmers market tomatoes, green peppers, bib lettuce, purple onion, applewood smoked bacon, fresh dill sandwich slicer pickles and avocado slices. O. M. G. YUM!  We used to eat this lunch ever Saturday after farmers market. I always went to the farmers market at 9 am, brought that stuff home, went out to the grocery store, brought that stuff home and then made this sandwich for the family for a hearty lunch. Though, usually without the bacon. Bacon was a special treat as it was dinner!

Tomorrow will be farmers market sage pork sausage and roasted beets and a tomato salad. The tomato salad probably doesn't fit with the flavors, but I got a whole bunch super cheap and we should eat them up (why slightly blemished tomatoes sell for 18 cents a pound versus the $1.50 pretty ones cost, I have no idea. We're not talking bad spots, but birthmarks, basically.) Then on Tuesday it will be the 'eat up what we have in the house day'. I'm hoping I won't need to go to the grocery store for any last minute emergency shopping, but we'll see.

It's getting to the frantic end before a long vacation. But the yard stuff is done for now.... now it's just what's on the side for fall and believe me, there's plenty to do in the fall too!

Stats for 6/15/12:

Highest weight: 275  Now: 169.6


  1. Moving sand sucks - we had to move a bunch to fill the new sandbox we built just s few weeks ago and it had rained on it, making the whole load ridiculously heavy. My poor husband!

    Haircuts, markets, yummy dinners - you are SO busy. I truly hope the vacation is a relaxing reprieve and not terribly stressful!

  2. Yes, this was rained on too - many times, but most recently the night before we moved it. It's a mixed blessing. While it's heavier, for sure, it's also easier to get a good scoop of it without it sliding off the shovel. Glad it's done though... but will have to do the side stone path in the fall, so it's not 'really' done.