Monday, July 30, 2012

Finally a post from vacation!

Well, we are about halfway through our vacation.  We spend one day in Zagreb, the capital of croatia and wheree my husband is from.  We quickly met up with the kid's grandfather, aunt and cousins and my mother-in-laws two best friends and then we were off to Biograd which is a seaside tourist area. The first week we were supposed to be able to get access to the internet, but it turned out that while, we "could get it" we used up so much of the allowed limit that we basically could check weather and my husband the family email account to make sure everything was ok with the house and the bank/bill payments.  That was when we were at the sea side on the coast. We spent a week on the seaside. Our plans had to change quite a bit because of the weather.  Unbelievably we had 4 days of bad weather.  Basically unheard of in July on the coast. We were able to salvage 3 days by making city road trips.  One was to a town called Sibenik. We went to the old cathedral, a fortress and then had the most fabulous dinner.  We all enjoyed, but my oldest son agreed with me that my dish was the best. Of course, I can't find it online, but I'll try to find it to make it at home.  It was called sibenski takuin. Yum!

Eating has been ok.  Not great, and definitely heavy on the bread as getting access to the food I'm used to eating isn't in great supply on the seaside and definitely not on the island we are currently on.

We swim every day and walk and just enjoy.  We are currently on the island Mljet. Search for pictures.  It is as beautiful as you will see.  And now I'm off to go swimming with the family.  I'll update again tomorrow now that I have Internet!

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