Thursday, July 5, 2012

Business pays off!

I was in whirlwind mode. So busy I didn't even check the stats. I didn't post - nothing. I simple just stuck my head to the business at hand, buckled down and got to it.

We had a party on the 4th. For that party, we really only needed to run the vacuum around, clean the bathrooms  and dust in a couple rooms, but I took the opportunity to do a lot of deep cleaning. My younger son's room was easy. There were some books and toys in other rooms that needed to make their way back to his bedroom, but other than moving the bed from the wall to vacuum under it, his room was a snap. Only thing I realize, is that it's time to weed through his toys again as he's outgrown several.

Then I tackled my bedroom. As always, our bedroom ends up as the laundry holding station - the stuff that is clean, but for one reason or another, the laundry hasn't made it back to the dressers and closets. We had a bin of socks waiting to be paired up - like wool socks from skiing season still waiting, bed linens from winter, etc. And again, more clothes from me and my younger son that was waiting to be donated because they aren't the right size. And of course, random stuff that I don't even know how and why it ended in my bedroom. Like a holder for an iphone for a bicycle?

When everything else was clean, food was made (pulled pork and pulled brisket), I went to my teens room. Now, supposedly, he had already cleaned up his room. It took several "you aren't finished yet" prompts as he can't see that he missed 4 odd socks on the floor around the room, or doesn't consider the paper binder garbage even though it's broken and abandoned probably 3 months ago. Going through that room, even after the teen declared it "clean" took about another hour, but it's done.

That leaves just the craft room - which is my husband's problem as he put in all his darn paper sorting stuff in there in January, saying he would get to it in less than two weeks. Uh-huh. The garage still needs to be tidied up, but not until we're done working in the yard and then lastly, the storage area of the basement needs cleaning, decluttering and rearranging. Really, only the garage needs to be dealt with and will be dealt with before vacation. The rest can wait - as can the rest of the painting in the house.

The infection on my arm seems to be getting better. Every day the redness and swelling is a bit less. I managed to get more poison ivy on my legs, but that itching is bearable at least. Scale isn't budging downward, but the last time I was on an antibiotic, the scale skyrocketed. Plus, it's the part of the month I don't usually see losses. Eating has been pretty good though, so in the end, it should move down a bit. I'm not really worried about it.

It's just crunch time here. House is basically clean. The yard just has one more area to mulch and then that's it. It will be vacation time! Woohoo!

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