Friday, August 31, 2012

What is it about being outdoors?

I heard this morning that it was going to get to be a hot day today - mid 90s. Not very pleasant, so I guess it was a good thing that I was signed up for a step class. Mornings are nice though and I like being able to walk my younger son to school every morning, but the last two mornings he's been too sleepy. I was having to wake him up just in time for school which meant driving the half mile instead of walking it.

This morning, however, he was up early. I had slept like crapola last night for some reason, but a walk in the morning sounded good. It sounded so good, in fact, that I put on my sports bra, my work out clothes and shoes and even strapped on my Garmin gizmo. If I walked early, I could avoid the heat as the nights do cool down now and the humidity wasn't crazy high.

So, we walked to school this morning. He likes it too and it's a great way for him to start the day - with a bit of some physical movement. I then continued on the way. I just wanted to walk 4 miles. I wasn't going to kill myself in going super fast, but wanted a good pace to stretch my legs, get some air and sun and just enjoy the morning.

And I did. I first passed by the cross guard in front of my son's school crossing and then 10 minutes later passed by her at another elementary school that starts 15 minutes later than my son's school. My little gizmo is so smart, that it pauses when I paused to chat, tie my shoe, and stopped and looked at something. So, while my pace for the walk was 16:40, my actual moving pace was 15:47.

The walk was great. I saw so many people out and about - with their dogs, groups of friends, couples, moms pushing strollers. Just friendly faces saying hi. Because I had my gizmo on, I knew I would know how far I walked and didn't need to worry about going in any particular path, so I just walked up some streets I had never walked before. All the streets around here are tree lined with mature trees, so even though the sun was hot, I didn't feel too hot.

During the walk I got to thinking about what work I wanted to touch on today. New ideas for stories for my part-time job talking about the community association I belong to and who is responsible for making so much of what I love about Columbia, great! I wouldn't have been able to think about stuff during a step class. During step, I have to think about how I'm moving and sometimes I just need time to think - really think.

I finished up my 4.25 mile walk and just felt great - so very great. I need to keep walking a big part of the fitness plan. There are so many places to walk around here and all of it is pleasant, that it's not even a chore to do it! Love that!

So, this walk this morning was great. Ever so much more enjoyable than a step routine would have been this morning. When I came home, I cancelled the step class for today.

Tonight I also have bodypump with my husband to keep the muscle strong, so it will be a good day!

Oh, and here's my walk for the day: Untitled by berryblondeboys at Garmin Connect - Details

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  1. Sometimes just hoofing it outdoors is more than enough - walking on a brisk, windy day is my favorite way to think, especially with some nice music on.