Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Taking a sort of break might have been just what I needed

My weight loss has stalled the last couple of months.  I even gained a wee bit (but just a wee bit).  I was burned out, I realize now. Burned out with counting every calorie, fitting in planned exercise every day and burned out with thinking about weight loss nonstop.  This vacation has helped me a lot.  I have had a break from it.  I am not eating like crazy and we are walking and swimming every day. So much so that my husband is losing weight we think.  I'm not pigging out. I'm not throwing in the towel or even binging.  I'm just relaxing a bit and not worrying about it.  With that, I'm beginning to look forward to the gym again.  I'm beginning to look forward to a stricter regime with eating to get this last bit of weight off too.

Here at the beach, I see so many fit women in their 40s and 50s and unfit ones too.  I want to look like one of the fit ones!  And I'm not quite where I want to be yet, but it's attainable, so I just want to get there and with this mini break, I feel refreshed and ready to tackle the last little bit.

When I started the total weight loss seemed so formidable. Now this last little bit seems attainable and I desire attaining it.  I know I'll never look like the thin women I see as I have all this loose skin, but I can get closer.  My goal is to get there by the end of this calendar year.  I want to get to 160 for sure and I think I still want to try for 155, but in the fall, late fall, I will do a body fat percentage test and see what I need to do to be in the desired fat percentage, under 25%. That is what I really want.  The number on the scale is irrelevant.  It's the fitness level I want.

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