Sunday, August 19, 2012

Been back for a week - my weight and fitness

This morning marks a full week since we've been home (plus a few hours). In that time I've gotten back into the groove of everything.

On Sunday, it really was purely recuperation and doing laundry and more grocery shopping. It was the first day I tracked my eating and tried to eat on plan for over a month which means getting rid of all sugars and grains. My face was a pimply mess from all the grains/carbs. I also braved the scale. I was up to 184.0 (up 15 pounds from leaving - but I knew a lot of it was water weight). That day I ate 1174 calories - my body was so messed up, I wasn't hungry.

On Monday, I got caught up on emails for both my part-time jobs, cooked some and finished the laundry, but I still felt wiped out. I ate 1484 calories and the scale dropped to 181.2. Yep, lots of water weight.

On Tuesday, I started working for my part-time job in Columbia and started to feel more in the groove and rested and went again to the grocery store. I ate 1545 calories and weighed 180.4.

On Wednesday, I was on a roll. My sleep was back to normal, house duties were caught up and I was ready to go. I worked 6 hours for my job and then did a strength training work-out in the evening. I ate 1426 calories and weighed 179.4.

On Thursday I worked another 6 hours for my job, started to hobble from the workout and cooked and took a walk. I ate 1350 calories and weighed 178.8.

On Friday, I worked 3 hours for my job, took a step class at the gym (which went amazingly well), made a steak dinner, and was hobbling really bad from the strength training class. Going up and down stairs about killed me. Then I went back to school shopping for the little guy for shoes and clothes. I ate 1567 calories and weighed 178.8.

On Saturday, I took the same strength training class at the gym, did more grocery shopping, worked a couple hours for my job, and then took my little guy to a "Back to School" party at the gym. Made dinner and yogurt. I ate 1648 calories and weighed 178.2. And my face was mostly cleared up as my body is getting rid of the carb toxins. My gut is feeling smaller too.

And here we are on Sunday and I'm finally not in pain from the workout, I plan to take a long brisk walk today and I have 4 loaves of bread rising, more laundry going, and I'll make some healthy muffins for snacks for the kids, I'll clean the kitchen and the dining/living room and  probably work a bit for both jobs. Today I'm on plan to eat about 1450 calories and I weighed 178.8.

So, it seems that I gained 9 pounds over a month's time in Croatia. I don't miss the carbs at all. I'm not even tempted by them. Actually, the idea of eating bread or a sweet is super unappealing. I simply don't want them. I was starved for greens, so we've eaten a lot of salads and cooked green veggies since coming home. My face thanks me. I now have no pimples and my face is not oily where it was a mess for the last week or two of vacation, especially. My gut is feeling less huge too, despite the weight gain.

That means, I have gained 14 pounds over my all time low. Now, it is true I only held to that 164.6 for a millisecond and I don't even know if I can count it. Most of the time before we left, I was hovering around 168-171. But, I'm up quite a bit, as you would expect from being off plan for a month.

The good news is that I wanted to get right back on plan and missed eating the way I had grown accustomed to eating. And, after seeing what inactivity does to the body, I wanted to get back to the gym and working out. I actually missed it!

All of this has me believing that this is a new way of life for me. That I won't, really won't gain all the weight back. Will there be times I need to buckle down? Of course. Like now, after a long vacation, but I did. I didn't even say, "In a day or two." I was immediately back on plan - the very day we got home. I'm proud of myself for that.

Of course, this also means that when I get back down to my previous all time low there will be a huge party going on my end. That's my new mini goal . Well, first mini-goal is to get out of the 170s FOREVER and then to tackle the 164.6. I'll get there though, and I KNOW it.

Highest weight: 275  Now: 178.8


  1. In less than two years, your body has been through dramatic weight loss. As far as it is concerned, you have been slowly starving. I don't know where your homeostatic point is set (I don't know where mine is either), but plateaus with small bounces after such high losses are extremely common, especially when you've been routinely eating what is likely 1000 calories (or more) below your needs. This is why losing slowly at about 500 calories below your BMR is best (it'll minimize metabolic damage).

    This is a plateau that you'll need to ride out for awhile as your body "catches its breath". I'd suggest slowly upping your calorie level through time to stabilize your eating and worry more about not gaining than continuing to lose. That and muscle building will break it, but, what do I know?

    I'm in a plateau now as well. I lost 200 lbs. and have been holding in the 180's for about 9 months. I'm not concerned though because I think fat loss is slowly going on and muscle building is slowly happening. I'm not losing much, but then my body has been through a lot and I don't eat as few calories as you do. I'm waiting for it to sort itself out as I'm sure it eventually will. To each their own, but you sound a little frustrated on 3FC when you talk about how your metabolism is so low. I'd encourage patience, though I know that is hard.

  2. I see your point, but in essence, I have been on a plateau for 9 months too. I've mostly been trying to just find a stable spot as I get closer to goal. I was 175 in December 2011. Then I gained up to 185, then down to 175, finally down to 165 and quickly back up to 178 (not counting the water weight of vacation travel). Upping calories means weight gain, which I don't want and my health can't take. I wish I could get a computer read out from my body so that I can just figure it out!

  3. I think you did brilliantly, especially given the nutritional circumstances you were in, and the craziness of travel. I applaud you for getting back on track right away and you can lose the gain with consistency and a little time, no problems there. If you're eating to your hunger, being active, and focusing on the foods that your body is craving for nourishment, you're doing excellently.

    And I'm glad you're back, I've missed your 'voice' around 3FC and your blog :)