Monday, August 20, 2012

Thinking about what I want to do for fitness now

Now that I'm back and school is about to start and I'm still working from home (mostly) with two jobs, I have time to think about what I want to do for fitness and when I want to work-out. For now at least.

My one part-time job really kicks in mid-September, but since that's running a Sunday School, that's basically taking Sunday's out of the rotation for exercise. I'm usually wiped out after traveling an hour to get there, "working 2.5 hours" and then driving an hour back, if we come back directly, which we don't usually. I leave the house on Sunday at 9ish and get home usually around 3ish - 6 hours. Then it's thinking about dinner, getting things ready for the kids for school the next day and so on. All gym classes are over by noon on Sundays anyway.

The other part-time job is mostly from home and writing. There are meetings I need to go to and people I need to meet up with to research stories, but those aren't predictable. I just have to work around those. Morning, afternoons and evenings are possibilities for needing to work or attend something.

All in all I'm working 30 hours a week at least through November sometime. Then, for the local part-tie job, they will look at our contracts to see if they want to renew or stop them. Since the person who hired me (all of us part-timers) is no longer working for the company, I really have no idea what the future is with that job. I just keep plugging away, trying to do good work in a timely fashion to see where it leads. What I want the most from this is to get fresh references so that when I go on a new job search, my references aren't stale.

All this is to say, I have work to work around with my fitness goals and not much less than a full-time job, minus the commute, but I also have a lot of flexibility with when I can work out.

I was just looking at the schedules for the three gyms I can take classes from and there are classes I know I want to take. I like the Mondays step class at 5:30 pm, Express bodypump and bodystep classes on Wednesdays from 6-7:30, bodystep Friday mornings at 10:30, and bodypump on Saturday mornings at 10:30 am. My husband and I are really faithful with the Wednesdays and Saturdays since we both go to those classes. The other ones I try to fit in, but sometimes things conflict.

Of course, any class that starts around dinner-time is difficult. Like tonight I'm signed up for the 5:30 pm step class, so that means making dinner early and eating early, but having it be something my husband, teen and MIL can eat later and still be fresh for them. There just aren't many classes during the day hours, which makes sense as most people work, so even though I'm a stay at home mom/work from home mom, I still have to fit into the schedule of the working/commuting mom when it comes to classes.

So, I'm thinking maybe I want to start running. I started it this late spring, but then got that injury and stopped. The weather is cooling down soon and I can run whenever I want to - I don't need to rely on a gym schedule. I already know that on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays there aren't any classes I'm interested in taking. The C25K program is a 3 times a week run program. it would fit in my schedule just fine too. And since I'm on fire with motivation right now, I want to up my workouts to get to goal gosh darn it!!!

We will see - today is the step class and I'm looking forward to it. I will still keep the extra riser out, but will do the propulsion stuff. Then on Tuesday I might try the first day of the C25K. It will probably be rougher than when I tried in the spring as I was at my best fitness then. Now, I'm just getting back into things after a long vacation and less aerobic work before that, but it's still not going from the couch, right?

Stats for 8/20/12:

Highest weight: 275 Now: 178.0


  1. Happy to be a "fresh" reference for you, if needed. I knew the minute I read your cover letter that I'd hire you ... and I knew why: you're genuine, intelligent and able. It comes through you in all you do and say.

  2. Ah, Thank you Jessie! I will probably take you up on that too when the time comes! I can say the same about you - genuine, intelligent and able and add to it, full of life. You shine!!!