Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Stinking hormones and spinning class

I haven't stepped on the scale the last couple days because I knew it would be up from hormones. I was eating perfect, exercising, doing everything right, but hormones are raging with my monthly cycle.

Last night I stepped on the scale before going to bed. WHAT? I stepped on this morning, and while going down 3 lbs over night, I'm up 3 pounds since the last weigh in DESPITE eating at 1400-1450 each of those days and exercising those days too (only didn't exercise Sunday - as always).

I have a weigh-in tomorrow for this competition. I really would not like to see a gain on the scale, but there's not much I can do.

I tried to figure out what might have gotten my up 3 pounds and then realized I've had soup. It's homemade beef soup, but soup is naturally salty. I didn't add table salt to the soup (like everyone else did), but it was still probably saltier food than I usually eat. And I probably made it as my body was probably demanding salt and I didn't figure out, "Oh, if you eat soup, you are increasing your sodium level." Same thing with homemade salsa. These foods that are mostly really good for you, but they are high in sodium.

I guess today, for the rest of today I'll be drinking water with lemon juice to hope to drop this water weight by tomorrow's weigh-in at noon.

In other stuff, I figured out what was aggravating my knee. In the strength training class I do there is a back track. In that track we do a combination of upright rows, dead lifts, clean and presses and overhead lifts. I'm supposed to skip anything overhead for my shoulder (it aggravates that biceps head). So, instead, I've been doing more dead lifts and rows. Well, guess what, those aggravate the hamstring tendon. I have been doubling what is normally done and it's created an overuse injury. Duh! So, that means I should skip that entire track and do something else for awhile to allow my shoulder to recuperate and my hamstring recuperates. ugh...

This morning I took a spinning class and that didn't seem to aggravate my hamstring at all, so that's good. It seems the injury is minor, so it should heal quickly. Yay! I'm not a huge fan of spinning, but it was a good class today. I think I can handle taking it once a week and Tuesdays there is NO OTHER class I like, so it's a perfect fit. I wore my diaper (AKA biking shorts) and it went well. I had stored in my iphone the settings for the bikes at this gym, so I knew the best for me. Also I had put down what my watts per hour output was the first time I took the class at that gym (not the first time I took the class - this gym is the only one that has computerized bikes). I had 37.2 wattage hours on 11/28/11. This time I had 68.6. So, yes, I've definitely gotten stronger in the last year plus as I always give it my all in classes. Of course, every work out is not created equal, but that is a HUGE difference. Wish I would have written down the few other times I had take it too to see the progress, but least there is that!

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