Thursday, February 7, 2013

Me? Fit? In my opinion, not yet.

I've been working with a personal trainer for the last several weeks with this Biggest Winner competition at the gym. It's helped me a lot with learning some new activities and it challenges me and it's fun (in a twisted sort of way).

Well, she has commented a couple of times that I'm fit. OK, maybe she's just used to working with beginners and I'm not a beginner, but fit? Me?

Then this morning I took a class that I have been taking fairly regularly the last month and that instructor asked me too, "you are fit, how did you find X" track? It's killer, isn't it?" Again... me? Fit?

I mentioned these to my husband and he just agreed with them. He said, "Well, you are fit."

Lastly, I'll be working with someone here locally to put together stuff about fitness in our county. She thought fitness would be a good topic for me as I work on my fitness. And again, I think? ME????

I guess, in my head, I'm not fit unless I can do certain things. Like, be able to do all the push-ups on my toes (in the correct form) in a workout routine. (I'm close, but I'm not there). I'll feel I'm fit if I can do a step class with double risers under the step, can do all the jumps/power stuff, for every song. (Again, I'm not quite there). I don't consider myself fit unless I can run 3 miles (or 5K) without stopping to walk and to be able to do it at a decent pace for me. I can a mile, but that's it.

I'm not there with any of that. I don't consider myself unfit, but I see how much further I can go without getting into the really fit category. I don't have visions of running half marathons or lifting huge amounts of weight, but I would like to be able to do things without feeling I'm going to die after 30 minutes of it.

I totally feel it's reasonable to be about the same fitness level as many of the fitness instructors at the gym. They are fit, but most aren't super, duper fit - just normal fit. I'm just trying to get there. Though my wardrobe makes me look like a fitness fanatic. I work out every day, so I'm wearing fitness clothes around the house most every day. I have to do a load of fitness clothes every week and I'm thinking I need more tops and bottoms too.

So, I would say, "I'm getting there, but I'm not fit 'yet'".

Scale is cooperating a bit too. Down a bit this morning to 185.2. Only 10 pounds to go to back down to 100 pounds lost overall from top weight and to where I was in that picture in the top right corner!

Editing to add: I still think "Fitness Fledgling" is still a good way to describe me.


  1. I think you might be underestimating yourself!! :) Maybe in COMPARISON to someone, you might not call yourself fit, but I think I would call you fit based on your workouts

  2. For a woman your age you're fit, Melissa. Most folks are really sliding on their activity and general health even by 35. They can do a mile on a treadmill but not lift a bag of mulch. Your diet and exercise habits, especially over the past year, have left you conditioned if not super fit. Don't sell yourself short :)