Thursday, February 21, 2013

Not related to weight - but living with the in-law woes!

Oh my  freaking goodness.... I think my head might explode!

So... today my mother in law was supposed to have oral surgery - like completely under with IV to do a bone graft to prepare for an implant (long story of why it all needs to be done). That appt. was at 2 pm and would take until 4:30 pm. She's been a nervous wreck about it. We all are completely aware of it. It's a big deal.

But... she never plans or thinks anything through, ever. So, I made sure that my schedule was clear this afternoon so I could pick her up if needed as she just assumed she could drive home after being under anesthesia.  Hello? She's a doctor and she's been under anesthesia many times. It takes her awhile to come out of it and to function. Drive home? Ummm....

 AND I went to the store to get the makings for  chicken soup, got a couple bottles of Kefir, some cottage cheese, and more milk to make some pudding (Oetker brand). She, of course, hadn't thought about how eating might be difficult, of course.  In the past, what would happen is that AFTER the fact, she would get all irritated that I didn't have stuff all ready for her... because, you know, I'm always supposed to have soup in the freezer and soft foods available - like she always did. Yes, when she lived alone and no one else would eat the stuff set aside.

So, I start the soup and I'm halfway through the pudding and in walks my mother in law at 4:15 pm. Saying, "whoo-whoo" all cheery like. What?

Seems that at noon, while I was at the grocery store, her dentist's office called to tell her that the dentist was getting sick and he had to cancel. It's rescheduled for next week.

Now, I got home at 1 pm. I thought it was odd she was gone as she tends to get so nervous before any procedure (as would most people, including me), but then, she likes to be everywhere super early, so I thought maybe she just went in early. Well... I guess not!

She never called me to tell me it was cancelled. She didn't call anyone, including my husband. She didn't even leave a note at home. For real? She was supposed to have major oral surgery. A surgery she has been talking about for a month and she didn't think to tell anyone at home it was cancelled?

I think this pretty much proves, beyond a doubt, that she is incredibly self-centered.

So... I now have a huge pot of chicken soup on the stove. Which I will try to save a bunch of it for next week, I guess. Too bad my freezer is full already. And, I have three kinds of puddings made (as I knew the kids would want some too) and way too much kefir and cottage cheese, but that, at least, will still be good next week if she doesn't eat it all, but I'm sure she will. So, again next week we go through this all again.

The funniest part of it all? Three weeks ago my dentist cancelled due to the flu. I went in last week to start a crown (wearing a temporary) and to get a filling. Next Thursday I go in to get the crown, fill another tooth and get a tooth extraction. (Yes, my teeth suck!) This is the same day of my mother in law's new surgery. So, I guess we'll both be needing softer foods next week, but guess who's the one who needs to prepare for it all? Me, of course.

But good grief. I think I should get a saint award for not losing it today! At least she realized that yes, she should have called. She forgets that there is such thing as a phone... and um, pen and paper? And I think she thinks that her life doesn't affect anyone else's in the household. For real? That's the only explanation I can come up with that could explain how it didn't enter her brain that she should have let someone know of the surgery being cancelled. UGH!!!!

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  1. That sort of selfishness would be intolerable for me, and you've dealt with it for years. Yes, you get an award for that! Sorry about YOUR teeth, though :(