Monday, February 11, 2013

I was thinking about what I would go hog wild on

I am following a pretty strict diet for these 8 weeks since I'm in this weight loss competition. I figure, why not give it my all for a short stint to jump start things again. It doesn't mean I don't ever have a little something. Yesterday for lunch I had a banana split - a small one for our Darwin Day observation on Sunday. It wasn't too bad of a lunch since it was a banana , fresh strawberries, fresh pineapple, a bit of whipped cream and one large scoop or frozen yogurt.  So, i do have occasional treats, but I account for them in my calories for the day. But all in all, I have kept my eating on plan and my calories fairly low. I try for around 1400.

But last night I was thinking about what I would eat if I would just cut loose. I was cooking up some bacon to break up into a salad - the rest for my teen for breakfasts. And I thought one splurge I would enjoy would be eating an entires pack of bacon. Man, I love bacon. But do you know what I really would want? An entire loaf of beer bread. It's buttery, a bit salty and then yummy fresh bread to accompany those favors. In the past I would have made it and ate it. Now I know it's a can of worms I don't need to open.

Then I realized that what I liked to eat too much of was rarely sweet stuff. It was salty and fatty stuff. Pringles, Cheetos, bread with salted butter, and the like. Then, to break up the salty, a bit of ice cream or something.  When I think what I used to t on a regular basis, it's actually a miracle that I didn't weight a hundred pounds more. I just didn't care about my body at all. I just wanted things and ate them because I wanted them. I would never think of feeding my children that way, so why was I feeding myself that way?

And why, even now, after over 2 years of this do I still think of eating that way if I could? Those old habits are just under the surface.

And a knee update. It still hurts, but it seems it's an "itis" of some sort - an overuse injury. I just need to ice it, take ibuprofen and not double up on workouts and take it easy on that joint. Sure! Which exercise is aggravating it I wonder?

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