Saturday, February 9, 2013

Got new workout gear

I bought a slew of workout stuff in April 2011. In the meantime I've gotten a couple things off clearance racks, but I didn't have enough. I practically live in workout attire with going to the gym 6 days a week year round.

All the tops I had were too big. They were XL. I'll never need smaller than a Large because of my shoulder size and my chest size, so getting things I like that fit (and if possible, on sale) would be nice.

In a couple of the classes and in working with the personal trainer, we are down on the floor and I would like my shirt to stay in place to not expose my midriff. Plus, well fitting fitness clothes make working out easier.

So, the other day I went to a local sporting goods store as they were having a big sale. And I did get some stuff, but I have to wonder at a lot of it. Who can wear these things? Well, OK teenagers maybe, but I see teens running for high school around my neighborhood and they are not wearing the likes of these:

They are SHORT. Like barely cover your bootie short. Even if I got all skinny, I couldn't wear these. Seriously, no way! And there were tons and tons of them in the store. I know they are running shorts, but gee whiz! You really would need to be thin with no jiggly parts to wear these.

I got a couple pair of these style - they hit just below the knee.

And then some dri-fit shirts like these:

 And no, not in this combination. I tried to be a little bright, but also tried to keep things so I could mix and match as these are a "wear once and that's it" kind of clothing item. That's another reason I needed more. I can't re-wear these because when I work out, I get gross and sweaty!

Lastly, I found on clearance a couple of golf skirts. I love wearing them for taking walks. They cover everything up, but are a bit dressy - same for bike riding.

It's kind of nice knowing what size I will settle at. I was THERE! Well, within 5 pounds of there anyway and I know what my body shape will be too.

I wore some of my new stuff on Friday to class. I don't quite like that you can see my soft squishy middle through the shirt (a lot of that is loose skin, a bit is fat), but wearing a correctly fitting shirt definitely made me look smaller and it worked better for wicking sweat - which is the whole point of those shirts anyway!

I told my husband though is that one thing I definitely notice as I lose this spare tire is that my boobs look bigger and it makes sense. The rest of my torso is shrinking, but my boobs are not. He said that is a good thing (my boobs looking bigger). Such a man. I see myself across the room in the mirror and all I see are boobs. Good grief! Oh well. Nothing I can do about that. Just means I can never buy those cute little tops that have the built in bras and as I get closer to goal, dress sizing becomes a bigger issue as my top and bottom size get out of sync. But... there could be worse things for sure.

Scale is down a wee bit too and that might be it for awhile as it is stall out time (probably).  184.6

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