Sunday, February 10, 2013

So, I've been trying to ignore this knee pain...

but, it's getting worse. Or, I should say, every time I stop babying it, it gets worse.  This past week I rested my knee on Saturday and Sunday. By Monday it felt a lot better and I had a good workout without aggravating it. (It's been hurting a bit for a couple weeks). I took Tuesday off and then I exercised Wednesday (twice), Thursday, Friday and Saturday. I had planned on working out today, but I'm really hobbling. I think doing squats on Saturday really aggravated it (again).

The pain is on the outer left knee in the back. It's quite isolated, it's a 3" long patch running along the outer back knee. Right now stairs are really painful as is standing up or sitting down. It's much worse this evening than it was this morning. It didn't bug me at all yesterday.

This is the second time it's gotten to this level of OUCH, but both times it was several hours (like over 24 hours) after working out. So, what's with that?

I have plans of working out tomorrow with the personal trainer and then doing spinning on Tuesday, with the PT again on Wednesday and perhaps weight lifting later in the day, and then aerobics on Thursday and Friday. Break days are typically Sundays.

But what the heck do I do with this darn knee pain? If it hurt me while I exercised, I would know to stop, but it doesn't start hurting until afterwards - quite a bit afterwards. I'm thinking it might be a type of tendonitis? And from what I can see from my amateur sleuthing is that perhaps it's actually the SAME problem I have with my shoulder - the biceps head. Good freaking grief! ugh!

Well, I'll see how it feels tomorrow. I finally broke down and took some ibuprofen as I had to take the stairs one at a time to keep from bending the left knee to minimize the pain.

I was pain free and injury free for nearly 18 months. What's with this now? My shoulder still gives me some discomfort (and probably always will) and now this freaking knee!

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  1. Hmm...I think it's definitely a good sign that it doesn't hurt while you are exercising, otherwise we'd maybe thinking meniscus tear. Have you ever pulled a hamstring on that leg? I think the hamstring actually connects near the knee there. Maybe the trainer will have some ideas. Even if he/she can't give a preliminary diagnosis, maybe they can come up with some alternate exercises that would allow you to not utilize your knees in that manner for a week or two in order to see if the pain subsides. Sorry - it must be frustrating.