Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Today was full of surprises

First surprise was that I dipped under 180 (again). That was nice! I was beginning to wonder - HOW was it possible to gain 6-7 pounds in as many days? I mean, I know I ate a "bit" more than I should, but not thousands of calories a day more than I should. What is going on with my body?

Second surprise was that my period started - after NOTHING for over 2 months. No warning either... and with a drop on the scale the day it started? That's unusual too! I have no idea if I ovulated or not (I'm thinking not) and that throws me off even more - I gained 7 pounds during the time I usually lose? Again, what is going on with my body?

 Also, I guess a third surprise is that I've managed to get back to where I was with weights on the bar in BodyPump on everything except my squat weight - back up to where I was before I stopped in April due to the injury. And, I'm almost back to where I was for squats too. I started back up at 5 kg per end and I could barely walk for half a week. Now, 2.5 weeks later and I'm back up to 8.5KG  per end and I'm just a wee bit sore. In a week or two I'll try for 10 kg per end again and I had JUST gotten there when I injured myself in late April.

Fourth surprise is not related to any of the above, but I was surprised to hear about how the blog I write for my job was going. My articles are getting a lot of hits. I'm a close second of all 7-8 categories and that's with me being gone for the first two weeks of August and not having anything published for the first 2.5 weeks. And, my posts have gotten the most comments and so on. I've only had 24 posts published altogether (about 1/2 published in July)  of the 190 posts written, so that is making me feel pretty good. People are reading my stuff and are finding it interesting enough to click... let's see if that trend continues or not. And let's see what that means for future employment.

But now I'm wiped out - like COMPLETELY!

Stats for 9/5/12:
Highest weight: 275  Now: 179.8

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  1. Melissa,

    It's not a surprise to us that have read your blog. You have a great writing style & your wonderful personality just shines through in your writing.