Friday, September 14, 2012

Going to the dentist today

And I'm a bit nervous. I was blessed with naturally straight teeth, but not the strongest teeth in the world. Add to that I don't feel dental pain until it's root canal time.

I've had some pretty horrendous trips to the dentist which led to an almost phobia. The last couple trips have been better, but I still wait until the last minute and have to listen to lots of harping from my husband before I get in to see the dentist. Which, is stupid as it just makes whatever problem I have worse.

And I know I have teeth issues. I have a tooth that is broken - in the back and there is no tooth above it, so that will probably have to be pulled. Then, one of the teeth I have had a root canal and a crown, I think, isn't in very good condition any more and he might want to start talking to me about getting an implant. Egad... that's just giving me the heebie jeebies. And, two more teeth it's difficult to floss between, which probably means decay between the teeth, so at the least, fillings and hopefully not more.

Sounds like fun, huh? My teen has to go too. He's had better luck with the dentist. Let's see if it still holds true as he doesn't have the best brushing habits.

I'm sure today will just be x-rays and getting a plan, but the discovery will not be fun especially when I know there's stuff going on in my mouth. Argh!

As I've said to my husband about my teeth before, "I'm too smart to be so stupid about going to the dentist", but having a phobia is not rational. Having several treatments where the numbing didn't work will do that to you.

I would say wish me luck, but I guess the best I can hope for is wish me as little treatment as possible - like maybe it's just 4 teeth versus 8!


  1. I used to get the “heebie jeebies” when going to my previous dentist. I thought the procedure was supposed to be as painful. I only found out that it was not supposed to hurt as much, after a friend advised me to find another dentist. From then on, I believed that finding the right dentist is the key to not get traumatized from any dental procedures. ^____^***Avis Charland***

  2. Avis is right. Finding the right dentist is the key to not be traumatized from any dental procedures. I was really afraid of the dentist since I was a kid, and I just visited the dentist on very important matters. After I found a very nice dentist, it was just the time that I decided constant check-up and cleaning for my teeth. It feels a lot better when you have a healthy mouth, right? :)

    : Eugenie Velasquez

  3. A visit to the dentist is a very smart move, but I really want to stay foolish and never pass a clinic’s doorstep! That’s how scared I am of going to the dentist! I saw how my terrible older sister’s experience was in the dentist. After we moved to a new house, my mom brought me at a very nice house and I just knew it was a clinic, even before I was already with the dentist. She’s very nice and she changed how I saw dentist. I’m glad that there’s a dentist who’s as nice as her, since I can be confident that I can have healthy teeth now. :)

    ^^ Jerri Franceschi ^^