Thursday, September 6, 2012

Lots of costume ideas for upcoming years!

Since I have every plan on being at my goal weight by next year (hopefully by this winter yet), I have been having fun thinking of ideas for costumes for future.

I love the idea of a fairy costume. Something like a woodland fairy costume, or a medieval or renaissance costume, or a ball gown. Something that I would look and feel good in and could wear to a Ren-fest or other type thing and just have fun! I don't want to get something like that (or make something like that) until I feel good about my body and where I've taken it. Huh... maybe that will be my treat to myself when I get to goal - a totally frivulous costume! Maybe silly and maybe something I'll never do, but who knows! It's fun to think about!

I did get the costume for this year though. I found a prom/formal gown at a consignment shop. It's hem is a bit stained and it's not something I would wear for real, but it will make a cute base for a costume for many things - a fairy, a princess, an ice queen, a frou-frou dress.  Of all the years of growing up, I don't think I've ever been a fairy or a princess - well, I think when I was 4 I had a princess costume - I think, but I was just always 'something else' - some very politically incorrect 'back in the day'.

The dress I found is kind of like this, kind of. It's a lighter blue with a bit more crystal beading (but simple and not much) with a thin sash around the waist: organza dress. Here's another one it's similar too - just no gathering and no flower and a few beads - same color and style of the bottom half of the dress though: ice blue dress. I will get some things for my hair, some fairy wings and be a fairy princess or something like that. I thought about making it Glinda the Good Witch, but that dress is pink. I will add something to it to make a sleeve so it's not a strapless too. I'm not into strapless! It will be something I could reuse in years to come too as it's a pretty simple formal gown and I got it for less than fabric to make it (a lot less).

OK, off to do some work. Enough day dreaming!

Stats for 9/6/12:
Highest weight: 275  Now: 179.6

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