Monday, September 10, 2012

Lots of little things

First, I had a blood draw this morning. I was actually not even that nervous about it. I was a little because who likes getting a needle jammed into the crook of their arm? But, with several easy blood draws lately at the vampire's, I was feeling hopeful.  And, it was good! He found the vein immediately and no digging for it either. Hallelujah! I will say it again - just that is enough to keep me from regaining the weight and with keeping my fitness level up!

Second little thing is that I decided I would start doing weight training three times a week. I want to really push towards the end of the year. I want to really give it my all so that I can see how much progress I can make by the end of the year.

I have also decided that I am going to start taking different measurements than I have been. (Not that I have been since April or May), but I read on a fitness forum about taking chest-waist sucked in-waist relaxed-hip measurements. As well as upper arm and upper thigh measurements. That waist measurement is deceiving as everyone sucks it in, don't they? So, I want to compare the two and see how they change.

Last, I just, like just a few minutes ago, joined a challenge for the end of the year. Another gal on the forum I participate in has about the same weight as me and our birthdays are one day apart and we have a similar goal, so... a bit of rivalry (friendly rivalry) maybe will push me a bit harder? She motivating me and perhaps me motivating her?

I really have no idea if 160 is possible for the end of this year, but why not shoot for it, right? What can I lose? It's not like I'll just cave in and give up if I can't get to that weight. It just means I'll have to work a bit harder for a bit.

I had been toying with joining a fitness club/class at the fitness facilities I belong too, but I'm still undecided on that one - $299 for all that - but, it includes some personal training and you work in partners. Do I have it in me???? To really, really push hard just as my energy dwindles?

Which reminds me, I need to make an appointment with my internist to talk about Seasonal Affect Disorder. I'm tired of muddling through winter like a slug.

Eek!!! I think I can do it. Where did that motivation go that was on fire a couple weeks ago? I'm still following a plan and working out and eating less, but I'm just not psyched. Guess what... I'm a bit sleep deprived too. I am going to bed as SOON as I'm done here and done cooking the lunches for tomorrow (a Croatian cheese pie called burek). They are in the oven now and will need to cool a bit and then to bed I go! I promise! So that I can jump into this plan with more steam!

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